WGWG Timeline

1909 – KCBS becomes first AM station in nation (San Francisco, Ca.)
1939 – A new frequency is launched as four FM stations hit the airwaves this summer
1948 – 33 1/3 LP Record introduced by Columbia Records – and becomes the new standard33-LP-Record
1961 – WGWG established as a radio clubradio-club
1974 – WGWG signs on the air at 88.3 FM 5,000 watts offering “Beautiful Music” and The Afternoon Rock Show
1979 – The Sony Walkman portable cassette player in introduced. Within a few years, cassette tapes become the standard for consumerssony-walkman
1982 – Sony introduces the first compact disc (CD) player. Billy Joel’s 52nd Street became the first full album released.
1990 – The World Wide Web launches a new revolution
1993 – WGWG transitions to a 50,000 watt FM signal
1993 – World Wide Web expands with the introduction of the Mosaic browser
1993 – First Internet Radio Station was launched
1998 – WGWG.org launches online stream
1999 – WGWG begins offering original local programming with live in-studio music performances, talk shows, movie reviews, high school football and more. Singer/Songwriter Don Conoscenti becomes first musical guest.
2001 – Apple launches iTunes
2001 – Apple introduces first digital jukebox … the iPodipod
2001 – Satellite Radio Launches with XM Radio Launches
2004 – WGWG gets remote broadcast van known as “Pete”
2005 – WGWG.org begins offering limited archives of radio interviews and live In-studio music
2005 – Pandora Music is launchedpandora
2007 – Soundcloud audio distribution platform is launchedsoundcloud
2009 – WGWG launches presence on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
2011 – WGWG available on the Tune-in Radio App
2011 – “Pete” the Van is retired and “Cheech” is introduced as new WGWG van
2013 – WGWG.org offers enhancements including downloads and on-demand programming available through soundcloud, facebook and twitter.