More Than 50 Students Present Research in 23rd Annual Conference

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Gardner-Webb President Dr. William M. Downs is Guest Speaker for Life of the Scholar Event

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—Gardner-Webb University students presented their undergraduate and graduate research recently at the 23rd annual Life of the Scholar-Multidisciplinary Conference (LOTS-MC). More than 50 undergraduate and graduate students participated in the event. Dr. David Yelton, GWU associate provost of the College of Arts and Sciences, gave opening remarks, and GWU President Dr. William M. Downs was the speaker for the joint session.

Since its inception, the conference has allowed students to share their research with the community, stimulate creative thinking, and enhance their resumes with a professional conference credit. The event is hosted by LOTS, an informal but dedicated group of GWU professors and students who work to take experiences from the classroom into the wider community. Dr. Kent Blevins is chair of the LOTS Advisory Board.

The LOTS-MC steering committee includes Dr. June Hobbs, Dr. Shea Stuart, Dr. Don Caudill (graduate presentations chair), Dr. Morgan Soja, Dr. Bruce Moser, Holly Mabry, Hannah Allford, Dr. Meredith Rowe, Jondra Harmon, Mariah Case and Dr. Gayle Casterline. Debbie Hill provided administrative support, and Jordan Turner coordinated the sound and media for the day.

From left, are Dr. Sydney Brown, Dean of the Graduate School, Winner Erin Montgomery, Erin’s Mentor Dr. Yvonne H. Smith and Donor Dr. Donald W. Caudill
The winner of the Ninth Annual Alfred & Shirley Wampler Caudill Best Graduate Presentation Prize was Erin Montgomery, second from left. Posing with her are, from left, Dr. Sydney Brown, Dean of the Graduate School; Erin’s Mentor, Dr. Yvonne H. Smith; and prize donor, Dr. Donald W. Caudill, GWU professor of marketing.

At the end of the day, the Ninth Annual Alfred & Shirley Wampler Caudill Best Graduate Presentation Prize was presented. The Caudill Best Undergraduate Paper Prize will be presented at the annual academic awards ceremony in May. Finalists for the graduate presentation were Harley Burgess, Jessica Garmon, Erin Montgomery, and Cindy Trevisan. The winner receives a plaque and $200. The award was presented to Montgomery by Dr. Sydney Brown, dean for the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies and a professor of education.

Listed below are the students who participated along with the topics of their research.

Undergraduate presentations:

  • Corinna Wiegand, Jealousy-Based on George Simmel
  • Estephani Juarez, The Mindset of Individuals in Achieving Happiness in Today’s Society
  • Cassidy Van Houten, Our Materialistic World
  • Taylor Hildebrand, A Global Awareness and Multi-disciplinary Integrated Unit in a Middle Grades Mathematics Classroom
  • Alpha Chi Collaboration — The People’s Princess, Gone Too Soon, Madeline Bame, Makayla Fewster, Olivia Simmons, Samantha Wilkie, Avery Woods
  • Celsea Reeder, Analysis of Bacterial DNA and Water Quality: Surface Water Sampling at Gardner-Webb
  • Hunter Stanton Warren, Comparison of Sampling Methods to Estimate Worm Populations in a University Composting System
  • Jennifer Jackson, The Impact of the Skin Microbiome in Skin Diseases
  • Lauren Klepper, The Advancements in Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  • LeeAnne Tourigny, Using Therapeutic Photography Techniques in Increasing the Well-Being of College Students
  • Cary Pou, The Role of Faith in Post-Traumatic Events
  • Linda Gelzer, Emergency Preparedness for the Deaf
  • Sigma Tau Delta Roundtable—Gender Horizons: Exploring Gender Studies in the 21st Century, Caroline Sloan, Callie West, Samantha Wilkie, Morgan Bennett
  • Lauren Bishop, Popliteal Nerve Entrapment: A Clinical Case Study
  • Christopher “Micah” Balltzglier, An Investigation Into the Accuracy of Optical Wrist-Worn Devices at Quantifying Heart Rate, Energy Expenditure, and VO2peak in the Wheelchair Bound Population
  • Allyson Harris, Examining the Relationship Between Nursing Students’ Test Anxiety and Psychosocial Well-Being
  • Isaac Tuttle, Peace as an Ideological War: How the Life of A.C. Dixon Reveals the Major Shifts in Transatlantic Evangelicalism After the U.S. Civil War
  • Tremayne Booker, Plight of At-Risk Youth in America
  • Abigail Grace Love, Effect of Gender on 2017 House of Commons Elections
  • Cameron Walters, Temperamental Temperament
  • Grace Pisel, Rand’s Rationale in Favor of Ethical Egoism
  • Bridgette Turner, A Look Into The Kennedy Curse
  • Hannah Joy Wermuth, Females in Fantasy Literature: A Past-ism
  • Andrew Bounds, Benefits of Fanfiction in Writing and Mental Health
  • Anna Grace Jones, Schizophrenia and “The Tell-Tale Heart”
  • Emily Rhew, The Babylonian Exile and God’s Presence: A Trauma Studies Approach
  • Clint Mooney, Making Atonement
  • Abigail Hackworth, Selling the Needy for Sandals: Winners and Losers of Ancient and Modern Economies
  • Madilyn Nash, Cultural Metaphors in Biblical Interpretations
  • Abigail Grace Love, Analysis and Proposal for the United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors Program
  • Sarah Goode, The Pen and the People: Penmanship as a Window into the Lives of the Past
  • Callie West, The Historiography of Barbie
Dr. Sydney Brown, Dean of the Graduate School, Finalist Cindy Trevisan, Winner Erin Montgomery, Finalist Jessica Garmon, Finalist Harley Burgess and Donor Dr. Donald W. Caudill
The finalists for the Ninth Annual Alfred & Shirley Wampler Caudill Best Graduate Presentation Prize pose with Dr. Sydney Brown, left, dean of the graduate school, and prize donor, Dr. Don Caudill, GWU professor of marketing, right. They are, from left, Cindy Trevisan, Erin Montgomery (winner), Jessica Garmon, and Harley Burgess.

Graduate presentations:

  • Harley Burgess, Beyond the Samaritan: A Consideration of Judith Jarvis Thompson’s A Defense of Abortion
  • Austin Childress, The Dangers of Conflating Church and State as Shown in History
  • Holly Strother, The World Turned Upside Down: Paul’s Idea of the Christian Church in Acts
  • Anastasiya Shchetynska, The Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning on Students’ Creativity and Mathematics Achievement within the Requirements of 21st-Century Learning
  • Erin Montgomery, Stall the Fall
  • Lolita B. Bryant, Postpartum Depression Awareness in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for Nurses: An Education Process
  • Phyllis K. Buie, Enhancing Nursing Knowledge on Patient Hand Hygiene: Implementing Protocols
  • Catherine L. Lingle, Reducing Nurse Burnout: Embracing Self Care
  • Jessica Garmon, Simulation-Based Education for the Administration of Chemotherapy and Biotherapy for New Graduate Oncology Nurses
  • Cindy Trevisan, A Ten-Year Review of Female Entrepreneurship
  • D’Anna Helms, (Poster with Oral Presentation) Students’ Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Jennifer Willis, (Poster without Oral Presentation) Utilizing Sandtray Therapy with Children Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Ashlee Lewis, (Poster without Oral Presentation) Certified Sex Therapy

The research papers are available at

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