Student Finds Faculty in GWU Physician Assistant Studies Program Care About His Success

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Conrad Gorman (’18) Chose Medical Career Because of his Desire to Help People

Conrad Gorman practices taking a student's blood pressure.

When Conrad Gorman (’18) of Mount Pleasant, S.C., came to Gardner-Webb to interview for the Physician Assistant Studies program, he realized the University would offer him the best preparation for his career. “The professors in the PA program are very passionate, and I could see how much they really wanted their students to succeed,” he reflected. “Then, when I considered that the class size was only 30 people, so I wouldn’t get lost in a crowd, I knew Gardner-Webb was the right fit, and I was fortunate to be offered a seat in the program.”

Because of his interest in studying the human body and a desire to help people, Gorman knew he wanted a career in medicine long before he decided to attend PA school. He chose the field after spending time with a PA in a family practice. “As I job-shadowed the PA, I got to see her work with the doctor and other members in the office and have her own individual responsibilities and patients,” he assessed. “I really like the team aspect of being a physician assistant while maintaining the flexibility to change specialties, such as potentially working in an orthopedic office or emergency room and then getting a job in a family practice.”

The amount of material PA students learn in a semester is extensive, but classmates help each other study, and the GWU professors are available after class. “The professors really take the time to try and explain the material in a way that we will understand,” Gorman observed. “Then, they combine the material with skills labs and case scenarios in which we learn new skills as well as work to apply the information that we have learned. The professors have an open door policy, so if I ever have a question on something or need a little more help understanding a concept, I can stop by any of their offices and they are happy to try and help.”