Art Student Uses Time at Home to Focus on Creating Personal Art Projects

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Jessi Snover, ’21, Completes Painting That Captures Spirit of Women’s Swim Team

a photo of Jessi SnoverGardner-Webb University art major and student-athlete, Jessi Snover, ’21, has discovered one thing she likes about staying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. With no swim team practice or class attendance schedule to keep, she’s had more time to focus on creating personal art projects.

Snover, who lives in Greenville, S.C., converted her room into an art studio and since being at home has worked on more than her class assignments. “I complete regular homework each week, which I enjoy doing and believe is invaluable for developing my skills, but my personal projects are what’s keeping me up at night with excitement,” Snover noted. “I have completed a couple of larger paintings. One painting captures my GWU swim team during our team cheer right before a big home meet. I also completed a series of paintings where I applied a style that I learned in my Figure class. I used different hues of colors to create fun shapes on a page and filled those colored shapes in with contour faces. I used acrylics to paint my largest and most recent piece of Roddy Ricch, who is a popular singer and a popular request of my art page followers. I did this in my favored form of color blocking, which turned out amazing!”

Snover shares more about her creative talents and her classes at Gardner-Webb.

Jessi Snover in the poolQ: Why did you choose art as your major?

Snover: I love art. I really do. The idea that I can create beauty that can be shared is something I have always loved. My calling in life is to create things with my hands that bring people together and show my eye for what is perfect around me. I was originally a graphic design major but grew disappointed in my work, because I could not create what was exactly in my mind.

Q: How long have you been creating art?

Snover: I can say that I have had a passion for creating art for most of my life. I was homeschooled growing up and my mother taught me how to read and write through a step-by-step coloring book, where I wrote out a sentence and drew what was stated. I would say I have always been creative, but my art started to mature in high school. Until college, I had never had an official art class or truly studied the components of art, in the traditional sense.

Q: How many kinds of art do you do?

Snover: I would say I am primarily a Post-Impressionism painter. I have taken many classes in order to practice and hone my skills in all the different styles of art, from abstract, pop art, 3D, drawing, cubism, to realism. I enjoy doing all of them, but for now, I am really drawn to post-impressionism.

Q: What is your favorite medium?

The painting that Jessi Snover did of the swim team doing their rally before a meetSnover: Paint! I favor acrylic and oils the most, but I also use watercolors and other types of paint. I have worked with so many other mediums, such as clay, cardboard, Styrofoam, spray paint, pencil, charcoal, pastels, and many others, but I have always come back to paints. I love paints the most because of the layering process and the feeling of applying the paints onto a canvas. I fell in love with the bulk and flexibility that paints allow me, as an artist, to work with.

Q: What have you learned at Gardner-Webb that has made you a better artist?

Snover: For years I had been making art without the formal knowledge and training behind it. Now I have learned the basic elements and principles that go into creating art and what it takes to create a good work of art. There are so many things that go into creating each piece. Even the colorful abstract art, that some think looks like it could have been created by a 2-year-old, takes time, effort, and a whole lot of planning. I have also studied many different artists, which has allowed me to grow in my appreciation for various types of art. The idea that I had to become a student of the subject to fully understand, appreciate, and create art was not something I understood until I became an art major. After taking a few classes and learning these basic skills, my art has matured.

a photo of Jessi Snover's painting of Roddy Ricch
Jessi Snover’s painting of Roddy Ricch, a popular singer
Q: What do you hope people experience when they view your artwork?

Snover: I would hope that people feel a sense of pride when they see my art. I paint things that represent other people, such as sports or people they support. I had in mind my GWU Lady Dawgs when doing the swim team painting. I want my coach and teammates to feel pride on and off the pool deck, and I strongly feel my painting captures our team spirit. I want someone to look at one of my singer portraits and be reminded of their favorite song that they love and relate to. I create my paintings with things in mind that other people identify with and hope they feel satisfaction when seeing one of them.

Q: What are your career goals?

Snover: I would like to be a social media representative for art exhibits and help other artists promote their art. I strongly believe the social media output is becoming half of an artist’s promotion for their art. In addition to that, I want to own or share a studio space where I can make and sell art, as well as teach smaller workshops.

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