President’s Letter to GWU Students – March 7, 2012

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Dear Students,

As I’m sure you’re aware, two of our students were robbed at gunpoint last night in their residence hall.  I am very proud of the victims for their courage in immediately alerting University Police, and I am also proud of the student body’s prompt and careful response to the text message alerts and internet notifications.  We are blessed that none of you are hurt.  As we begin to reassume our daily habits and routines, we will consider it our first priority to reestablish your sense of security on our campus.

While it’s still uncertain as to how the suspects gained entrance into the residence hall, our investigators have determined that the door was propped open with a brick.  It’s very possible that prop is what enabled the suspects to get inside.  To prevent this type of awful incident from happening again, please take seriously our Residence Education policies related to visitation and entry to the residence halls.

As a reminder, no automatically-locking door, whether in a residence hall or an academic/administrative building, should ever be propped open for any reason.  If you discover that a secure door or an alarm is damaged, please alert University officials immediately.  Never allow people access to the residence halls if they are not accompanied by a resident.  It is easy to assume that nothing bad will happen, and that rules like these are superfluous and inconvenient.  But incidents like what happened last night remind us of the reasons such rules are in place.

The University and local law enforcement officers will continue diligently investigating this case, and we are pursuing any new leads that arise.  If you have any information that might assist in the investigation, please call University Police at 704-406-4444.  Our Counseling Center and Office of Christian Life and Service are also available for any students who desire counseling during this time.

Thank you for your poise and cooperation last night and today.  Please remember to always remain vigilant, protect your safety and that of your fellow students, and help us ensure that nothing like this happens again at Gardner-Webb.   Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable spring break.


Frank Bonner, President