On the field or in class, GWU Student-Athlete Strives to do Her Best

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Kayin Mujahid (’17) is First in her Family to Attend College

As she competes in track and field events, studies in class or works in the art studio at Gardner-Webb University, Kayin Mujahid (’17) of Atlanta, Ga., remembers her father’s encouraging advice.

“My pops would always tell me, ‘Be the best you can be every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and get up and repeat,’” Mujahid echoed. “Being at Gardner-Webb has made me want to do something great and have a successful life—to do my best day by day.”

Mujahid’s father discovered her drawing abilities when she was in the third grade. One of the first pictures she drew for him was of the cartoon character, Popeye. Drawing is still her favorite medium along with sculpting and wood crafting. “My art classes have been a tremendous help to me,” she shared. “I have learned and improved on my art skills. I would like to work for art companies. After I get my bachelor’s, I would like to get my master’s in business.”

The faculty in the Department of Visual Arts are a constant source of guidance and support for her. “They are like having artistic grandparents who love to share their love and wisdom about art,” she affirmed. “Tests and papers are not easy, but I get to learn so much. I used to be nervous to express myself in my art classes, but not anymore. They have strongly encouraged me to follow my dreams and helped me to be successful.”

Mujahid is the first in her family to attend college. She was recruited to the track and field team and competes in the high jump and the women’s 4×400-meter relay. “The track team is my family,” she asserted. “I like being active, working out and lifting weights. Running helps me relax when I’ve had a stressful day.”

Being on her own at college has helped her to develop confidence in her abilities. “Gardner-Webb has made me stronger and prepared me for the real world,” she reflected. “There are a lot of positive people here who want to be successful.”

Her advice to students who are just beginning their college experience is, “Never give up on yourself. Focus on your mission. It will not be easy, but once you achieve your goal, it will be the greatest thing in the world.”