New & Improved Gardner-Webb University Website Launched June 9

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On Thursday, June 9, the new and improved Gardner-Webb University website was launched. The redesign has been in the planning and implementation stages since January of this year and consists of over 4,000 pages. The Web Design Team and Creative Staff have put many long days, weekends and nights into the creation of the new web site.

The new format has already sparked many new ideas and a lot of excitement. A few sections are incomplete but should be indicated by an “Under Construction” symbol.

One of the primary goals of the new site is to function as a marketing tool for the enrollment of undergraduate students, closely followed by graduate and G.O.A.L. Secondly, it will give our alumni and friends a portal to keep up to date with the growth, success and the mission of GWU. And thirdly, the website will provide easy access to information for current students, faculty and staff.

A few new features of the site are:

  • New organization of the pages and menus to allow a more logical search path to information
  • Triple navigation system:
    • A top, “hover-over menu” allows the users to search three levels down with only one click
    • A side-bar, cascading menu on the left (appears at the second level) allows the user to browse pages in order, like flipping through a magazine.
    • A “Bread Crumb Trail” is directly under the picture bar, reads right to left, and indicates your path back to the Home Page
  • A “Most Popular” and “Featured” links, located under the “myWEBB” button, changes with the most popular searches on the GWU website
  • Homepage features:
    • Events Calendar
    • “Faces of Gardner-Webb” current videos of student life, activities, interviews, etc.
    • “Faith, Service & Leadership” feature articles that emphasize GWU as a character building institution.
  • New Press Room
  • Many new Alumni Features

Please contact Katie Lovelace by phone at (704) 406-4252 or by email at with any new ideas or oversights on our part as you explore the new site. Your input will help the Web Team continue to evolve the GWU website as Gardner-Webb grows and adapts to our rapidly changing and competitive world.

The Web Team appreciates your patience through this transition process.