Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference Planned at Gardner-Webb University

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Annual Event to Feature Original Undergraduate and Graduate Research on March 25

Cedric Starr presents at the 2016 LOTS-MC
Cedric Starr presents at the 2016 LOTS-MC

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. – Gardner-Webb University will host the Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference, an annual showcase of students’ undergraduate and graduate research on Saturday, March 25, in Tucker Student Center. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the conference, which was established in 1997 by Dr. Les Brown, GWU Professor Emeritus in Biology.

“The Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference (LOTS-MC) is often a student’s first exposure to the kind of professional presentations they may be required to prepare and deliver in their future careers,” said Dr. June Hobbs, a LOTS-MC steering committee member and director of GWU Undergraduate Research. “Professional presentations challenge students to hone their speaking and writing skills and their self-presentation. Several students this year are giving presentations at LOTS-MC that they will also give next month at the Alpha Chi national convention in Louisville, Ky.”

Showcasing a range of stellar original research conducted by GWU students across a variety of disciplines, the conference will also feature presentations by students who participated in the GWU Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars program. In addition to Hobbs, the conference steering committee includes Dr. Nancy Bottoms, Dr. Don Caudill, Dr. Tom Legrand, Dr. Bruce Moser, and Dr. Shea Stuart.

Since its inception, LOTS-MC has allowed students to share their research with the community, stimulate creative thinking, and enhance their resumes with a professional conference credit. The event is sponsored by LOTS, an informal but dedicated group of GWU professors and students who work to take experiences from the classroom into the wider community. Other sponsors for the event are the GWU Undergraduate Research program and Gardner-Webb’s chapter of Alpha Chi, the national multidisciplinary honor society.

The event begins with registration at 8 a.m., opening remarks at 8:30 a.m., the first session at 9 a.m., the final session at 1:30 p.m. followed by refreshments and prizes at 3 p.m.  In addition, a lunchtime panel presentation is planned at noon and will feature remarks from Brown and his wife, Dr. Joyce Compton Brown, GWU Professor Emerita of English.

“We try to make everything as much like the professional conferences their professors attend as possible,” Hobbs reflected. “Students glean factual information, of course, but they also learn about effective presentation strategies first-hand through seeing what does and does not work. Sharing their scholarly work creates an infectious excitement and inspires our students to be lifelong learners.”

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SESSION I  9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.

I A  Graduate Student Session I (TSC 141)

Chair: Mariah Case


Rachael Bradley

Social Justice in Jeremiah: How Living in Justice and Righteousness Requires Caring for the Poor, Widow, Orphan, and Stranger

Mentor: Dr. Kent Blevins


Cedric D. Starr

“Day of the LORD is Darkness, Not Light”: Amos’ Reevaluation of the Day of Yahweh and Its Impact on the 8th-Century Prophetic Movement

Mentor: Dr. Paula Qualls


Mariah Q. Richardson

“Sojourner” in the Old Testament

Mentor: Dr. Paula Qualls


I B Health and Natural Science I (TSC 327)

Chair:  Josiah Parke


Christopher Lile

Small Mammal Survey of Broad River Greenway and the Surrounding Area, North Carolina

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Oyugi


Jamie Renfro

Postural Changes in College Students during Periods of Sitting and Standing

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Hartman


Starr Tate

Cultural Counts: An Analysis of Cultural Awareness and Competency among Nursing Students

Mentor: Dr. Nicole Waters


I C Fine Arts ( O. Max Gardner Hall)                                                                             

Chair:  AJ Horner


Sarah Bertram

Hand Prints in Time

Mentor: Dr. Nancy Bottoms


Samuelle Grove

Summer 2016

Dr. Bob Carey


Christian Jessup

New Music for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Mentor: Dr. Bruce Moser


I D Literature (Faith Hall)

Chair:  Matthew Barger


Mallory Moore

The Bell Jar: Taking Control Through Self-Diagnosis

Mentor: Dr. June Hobbs


Sarah Grace Moxley

Redefining Freedom: An Examination of Social Justice in Exile According to Julia

Mentor: Dr. Cheryl Duffus


Hannah Ray

Metaphors of the Modern Mind: Transitional Views of Death Revealed through the Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Mentor: Dr. June Hobbs


SESSION II  10:30 a.m. -11:45 a.m.


II A Graduate Student Session II (TSC 141)

Chair:  Starr Tate


Zachary Emory

Locating Jesus in the Shadow of the Empire

Mentor: Dr. Kent Blevins


Melissa Hollenback  and Robin Bumgardner

Ethical Issues in Dealing with Spirituality and Religion in Counseling Athletes

Dr. Angela S. Shores


II B Social Sciences and American Culture I (TSC 327)

Chair:  Annie Ross


Matt Autrey

The Interaction of Cyberaggression and Self-Efficacy within the Virtual World and the Real World

Mentor Dr. James Morgan


David Cole

The Impact of Gentrification on Urban Politics

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Amato


Ethan Ramsey

The Ideological Origins of Emancipation in Massachusetts

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Moore


II C Language and Public Discourse (Time Warner Theatre)

Chair:  Angela Meade


Shaquavia Chiles

“They Just Look at Me”: How to Successfully Facilitate Learning for your ELLs

Mentor: Dr. Anita Sanders


Tyler Helms

The Politics of Medium: What Are We Hearing Today?

Mentor: Dr. Lisa Luedeman


Madison-Ashley Wait

The Stagnation of Gender Equality: The Symbiotic Relationships between Third-Wave Feminism Stereotypes, Sexism, and Language

Mentor: Dr. June Hobbs


II D Religion and Philosophy (Faith Hall)

Chair:  Harley Burgess


Mariah Case

Embracing Babel in Refugee Resettlement Agencies: The Need for Language Access and Acquisition Resources for Displaced Peoples.

Mentors: Dr. Tom LeGrand and Dr. Lorene Pagcaliwagan


Eli Hardin

An Examination of Judicial Practices in First-Century Judea

Mentor: Dr. Anna Sieges


Josiah Parke

Fair Play: Distributive and Retributive Justice Principles in the Soccer Laws of the Game

Mentor: Dr. T. Perry Hildreth


Rebekah Claire Rhea

Are You My Lord?: A Critical Analysis of Selected Religious Media for Children

Mentor: Dr. Don Berry




SESSION III  1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.


III A Health and Natural Science II (TSC 141)

Chair:  Mallory Moore


Tripp Hastings

Scapular Fracture: A Case Study

Mentor: Prof. Sarah Rabe


Rachel Sedota

The Nursing Shortage in the United States: Past, Present, and Future

Mentor: Dr. Linda Wines


III B Social Sciences and American Culture II (TSC 327)

Chair: Matt Autrey


Sthefany Flores

Tocqueville: The Inherent Solitude of Western Politics

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Amato


Chase Hockema

Spot the Difference: The Numbers Do Not Add Up in the Electoral College

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer J. Buckner


Aaron J. Horner

A Feuding House: An Examination of the Causes and Effects of the Decline of Bipartisanship in the United States Congress

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Amato


Kaitlyn Sparks

Commerce Clause

Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Amato



III C Race, Class, and Gender (Faith Hall)

Chair:  Sarah Grace Moxley


Chris Beguhl

Cross-Dressing Crime in the Late-Nineteenth-Century Southern United States: Comparing Localized Efforts to Police Gender Deviance to Sexology in Southern Newspapers

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Moore


Jeffrey Day

W.E.B. DuBois and Black Lives Matter: An Analysis of the Persistence of the Double Consciousness and a Discussion of Unconscious Capitalistic Racism

Mentor: Dr. Dianne Sykes


Victoria Belle Myrick

Gender Dysphoria vs. Gender Identity Disorder: The Importance of Terminology

Mentor: Dr. James Morgan


III D Posters (Walkway Outside Faith Hall)


Tyler Morse Hemingway and Jessica Ferguson

The Effects of Unmodified Lemon Peels on Extraction of Lead Ions from Water

Mentor: Dr. Venita Totten


Andrew Linzie

Stock Market Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks

Mentor: Dr. Myrek Mystkowski


Starr Tate

The PULSE Program: The Mutual Benefits of Nursing Student Peer Mentorship in Action

Mentor: Dr. Nicole Waters


Jacob Walley, Brianna Tipton, and Aaron Green

Fruit Peels as Absorbent for Heavy Metals in Aqueous Solution

Mentor: Dr. Venita Totten


John-Mark Zehnder and Alex Suptela

Extraction and Characterization of Trans-2-Decenal and Trans-2-Octenal from Coriandrum sativum and Halyomorpha halys

Mentor: Dr. Tim Zehnder and Dr. David Judge