GWU Undergraduate and Graduate Students Present Research at Annual Conference

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More Than 40 Give Scholarly Presentations on Various Topics

An image of a GWU student speaking at a podium, presenting her research at the Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference
Photos by Brylan Bush/ GWU Photo Staff

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—Gardner-Webb University students presented their undergraduate and graduate research recently at the 22nd annual Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference (LOTS-MC). More than 40 students gave presentations on a variety of subjects, including religious studies and philosophy, science, music, English, slavery and human trafficking, political science, psychology, business, and marketing.

Jackie Leach, GWU director of diversity and intercultural initiatives, was the guest speaker.

Dr. Sydney Brown, dean for the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies and a professor of education, presented the Eighth Annual Alfred & Shirley Wampler Caudill Best (Graduate) Presentation Prizes.

Receiving the awards were:

  • Beverly Rosen, of Charlotte, N.C., Doctor of Business Administration, “The Economic Effect of Sustainability as Demonstrated by Nike Inc.”
  • Taylor Simpson Jackson, of Shelby, N.C., Master of Arts in English, “‘My Snails Got More Press Than Me’: Examining Gendered Press Conference Questions.”

Finalists were:

  • Colette Waddill, of Wilmington, N.C., Doctor of Nursing Practice, “MILKED: Messaging to Increase Lactation Knowledge, Exclusivity and Duration.”
  • Harley Burgess, of Mooresboro, N.C., Master of Arts in Religion, “From the Window: Liberating Michal Through a Prophetic Reading of 1-2 Samuel.”

Following is a list of all the students who participated along with the topics of their research:

Undergraduate students:

  • Austin Childress, of Boiling Springs, N.C. – “What The Theology of Hebrews Reveals About Authorship”
  • Isaac Tuttle, of Lenoir, N.C., – “Arguing For The Obvious: An Assessment of the Arguments for God and How and Why They Should Be Utilized”
  • Joy Clarisse Saavedra, of Charlotte, N.C. – “An Effort To Harmonize Omniscience and Free Will”
  • Taylor Hildebrand (Connelly Springs, N.C.), Hope Miller (Harrisburg, N.C.), Celsea Reeder (Salisbury, N.C.), and Kristen Wong (Richmond Hill, Ontario) – “Alpha Chi Collaboration: Gender Identity As A Polarizing Issue In The Workplace”
  • A photo of a GWU student standing at a podium presenting her research at the Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary ConferenceMichaela Killon (Mount Airty, N.C.), Aalliyah Perkins (Bessemer City, N.C.), Monet Lawton (Augusta, Ga.), Grace Lodholz (Cary, N.C.), Sarah Bragdon (Anderson, S.C.), Danielle Saine (Connelly Springs, N.C.), Jasmine Dee (Dallas, N.C.) – “Slavery and Human Trafficking”
  • Callie West, of Arlington, Texas – “The Magical Spirit of Christmas That Began Over A Century Ago”
  • Hannah Roberts, of Summerfield, N.C. – “LGBT+ Representation in Animated Television Written for Adolescents”
  • Sydney Hardin, of Shelby, N.C. – “Hildegard von Bingen: Transcending a Woman’s Status in Medieval Europe”
  • Madeline Bame, of Gastonia, N.C. – “An Examination of the Relationships Between Music Education and Graduation Rate in Title I”
  • Jacob C. Jackson, of Tryon, N.C. – “Investigation to Determine the Amount of Pre-Consumer Vegetable Material from Campus Cafeteria That Can Be Consumed By Epigeic Earthworm Species Eisenia fetida in a Single Vermibed”
  • Yuri Kurerov, of St. Petersburg, Russia – “Method Development For Extraction of Sulforaphane From Dietary Supplements and Broccoli Seeds”
  • Abby Hansen, of Shelby, N.C. – “Regional Enteritis”
  • Sarah Warren, of Candler, N.C. – “Impetigo”
  • Samantha Wilkie, of Hendersonville, N.C. – “Bibliotherapy: Where Teachers, Literature, and Therapy Come Together To Impact Students”
  • Morgan Bennett, of Maiden, N.C. – “Switched At Birth: Popping the Disabled Bubble”
  • Hannah Roberts, of Summerfield, N.C. – “If You’re an Alien, and I’m an Alien, Then Who’s Driving the Spaceship?: An Exploration of the Treatment of Indigenous Peoples in Science Fiction”
  • Kate Vriesema, of Whitinsville, Maine, – “Overcoming Trauma in a Group Therapy Setting”
  • Gauge Tillman, of Cherryville, N.C. – “The Tragedy of William Jennings Bryan”
  • Bethany Leap, of Sarasota, Fla. – “Ticking Time Bombs: The Effects of Indiscriminate Violence on Civil War Outcomes”
  • Morgan VanderSchauf, of Jenison, Mich. – “Triad of Anxiety: A Qualitative Analysis of Anxiety in Collegiate Athletes in Nursing Programs”
  • Nicole Thompson, of Gastonia, N.C. – “Perpetrators of School Shootings

Other graduate students:

  • Nina Williams, of Wilmington, N.C. – “Development of an Obstetric Rapid Response Team in a Rural Labor and Delivery Hospital Unit”
  • Tamula Bennett, of Wilmington, N.C. – “Enhancing Care for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus through a Nursing Focused Intervention
  • Ijeoma Enweana , of Charlotte, N.C. – “The Role of Long-term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACHs) in Improving Outcomes for Patients with Necrotizing Pancreatitis”
  • Mike Lugo, of Rutherfordton, N.C. – “A Comparative Analysis of Garrett and Markovich Regarding U.S. Income Inequality.”
  • Melinda Shew, of Mount Airy, N.C. – “Color Perception of Luxury in Consumer Packaging and Consumer Behavior”
  • Ethel R. Wynn, of Chesterfield, S.C. – “Strategies for Branding Your Accounting Program: Pathways to Academic Accounting Success”
  • Brandon J. Watkins, of Gaffney, S.C., – “Critical T.H.U.G.: An Examination of Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give Using Critical Race Theory”
  • Barbara Lawrence, of Mount Holly, N.C. – “Unique You in a Fractured World.”

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