GWU Student Sings about Love, Life, and Good Times in Country Debut

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Singer/Songwriter Jon Langston Releases Three Original Songs on iTunes 

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. — A Gardner-Webb student with a passion for writing and singing country music is amazed by the support and encouragement he’s received within a week’s time.  Jon Langston is a talented singer and songwriter who recently completed studio work on three original songs.  After posting the audio tracks on YouTube, this former Runnin’ Bulldogs football player can’t believe how many people have now been exposed to his smooth country style.

“It’s been crazy, really,” Langston shared during an interview at WGWG, a radio broadcast service of Gardner-Webb University.  “I posted the songs and it seems like everything has exploded.  It’s pretty exciting.”

The songs, including the ballad “Forever Girl,” the story song “Oklahoma,” and the country-rock anthem “Young & Reckless,” already have several thousand views and are now available on iTunes as a mini-album or “extended play (EP)” release.  The lyrics to “Forever Girl” are country to the core and inspire a wide range of emotions about finding one’s true love.  Langston said there isn’t one special individual the song is about, but rather, the ballad is about his ideal characteristics in a woman.

“This is kind of an ideal of a girl every guy would want to be with,” he reflected.  “Sure, I’ve had my own experiences with dating and love, but this song is more of a representation of that ideal.”

Langston first came to Garder-Webb from Loganville, Ga. to play football.  His tenure as a Bulldog was cut short after several concussions and warnings from his doctors to stop before he endured permanent damage.  With about a year before graduation, he now focuses on his songwriting and schoolwork… often in that order.

“I do tend to do some writing in class, and that’s probably not good,” he admitted.  “But if I’m sitting there and I think of a great idea for a song I’ve got to get it down because if I go back to it later, I’ll forget what I was thinking about earlier.”

With a voice that blends smooth country crooning and gritty soul, Langston’s style is a mix of Jason Aldean, Josh Turner, and even Darius Rucker, although he admits that he was heavily influenced early on by the music of Rhett Atkins and Alan Jackson.  “I really like those guys, there is a really good feel to their music and that’s what I try to put into my songs,” he shared.

Throughout the week, he takes part in open mic nights at the Broad River Coffee Company, where he utilizes feedback from the audience to make adjustments on new songs.  “Depending on what they say about a song, or if they tell me ‘hey, this one would sound better if you do it this way,’ then I definitely would tweak it a little,” Langston said.  “My buddies are good about letting me know stuff like that.”

For now, Langston is content to continue writing songs from the Gardner-Webb campus, but he is also looking forward to what the future holds once he graduates.  He believes the new album is a great representation of the kind of music he can contribute to the industry. “It’s just a short EP, but it has a feel-good vibe,” he explained.  “I figured it would be good to have a fun, party song, a love song, and a story song, because that pretty much fits the criteria of country music.”

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