GWU Soccer Player Ready for Whatever Comes Her Way

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Ashley Carmean (’16) Says Education Faculty is Preparing her for Teaching Career

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. – Elementary education major Ashley Carmean (’16) of Ashburn, Va., was playing in a soccer tournament the first time she heard about Gardner-Webb University.

“The GWU women’s soccer assistant coach was at my game,” she explained. “A few days later I got an email from the coach saying they were interested in me. He told me a little about the school, so I decided to look into the University a little more.”

She already knew she wanted to attend a school in the south, so GWU’s location in Western North Carolina was a plus. “I came on a visit and absolutely loved the campus, and I also loved that it was a small school,” she said.

While she’s experienced success on the women’s soccer team and is a member of the student-athlete advisory committee, Carmean has also excelled academically and serves as president of the Student North Carolina Association of Educators.

“Gardner-Webb has helped me immensely to prepare for whatever comes my way,” she offered. “The small class sizes have really helped me, especially being an athlete. If I ever had any questions or missed any class because of soccer, I could easily schedule time with my professors to better understand the material. Every education professor I have had here at Gardner-Webb has been amazing.”

The faculty also helps students form connections that are helpful during student teaching.

“The class size helps you as a student to make connections with other education majors and your professors,” she explained. “These connections are extremely important in the education field, because you need to be able to collaborate with others.”

Among the GWU faculty, Dr. Jason Parker and Dr. Anita Sanders have been her mentors.

“Each one has pushed me, and continues to push me to not only be the best teacher, but the best person I can be,” she observed. “They definitely have not made my time as an education major easy, but everything they have done was for my benefit.”

She feels prepared to teach because of the hours she has spent observing and teaching in area schools and is also confident about taking the state licensure tests.

“GWU has classes in place to make sure that you know the content on the licensure tests,” she stated. “I could not be more excited for what the future holds!”

Located in Boiling Springs, N.C., Gardner-Webb University offers a comprehensive academic experience that introduces students to the diverse world of ideas and to the people who think them, preparing them for professional success and for productive citizenship.