GWU Shares Opportunities with High School Guidance Counselors

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University Holds Open House to Help Advisers Promote Gardner-Webb to Students

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. — High school guidance counselors often serve as a link between college-bound students and the universities that they consider as potential places to continue their education. Gardner-Webb University welcomed dozens of counselors to the campus on Oct. 30 to share the opportunities that await students who are searching for the right college fit.

The GWU Undergraduate Admissions Office held its first School Counselor Open House to teach advisers about Gardner-Webb’s undergraduate admissions, Degree Completion Program, and graduate studies offerings, with the goal of that message reaching numerous potential students in the region’s high schools.

Participants also learned about opportunities for continuing their own studies, and they earned continuing education credits for career development through a course on ethics in counseling minors, said Rachel Preston, assistant director of transfer recruitment. “The goal is for the counselors to see our campus and build relationships with us,” Preston explained. “Then they can go back to their students and share our campus and invite them to check out Gardner-Webb.”

Neil Van Dyke, a Gardner-Webb alum who serves as a school counselor at East Rutherford High School in Bostic (N.C.), said he wanted to learn about the new programs at Gardner-Webb because much has changed in recent years. “A lot of times our students forget by being so close all the time that this great University is right here,” Van Dyke offered. “I work almost exclusively with senior students, and I want to ensure we can find the right college fit for each of them. I’m looking for information and ideas about undergraduate programs.”

In addition to information about the University, counselors participated in a campus tour led by current GWU students. Crystal Bridges, a school counselor at Chase High School in Rutherford County (N.C.) and a Gardner-Webb alum, said the tour was helpful because it showcased the newest facilities and programs.

“I needed an update so I can speak to my students with a better understanding of what’s offered now at Gardner-Webb,” she shared. “I hope to be able to share details on scholarship opportunities, programs, and facilities. I have found I have lots of students who want to stay close to home and have an educational experience where they can get to know their students on a personal level, and that’s what Gardner-Webb offers.”

Located in Boiling Springs, N.C., Gardner-Webb University offers a comprehensive academic experience that introduces students to the diverse world of ideas and to the people who think them, preparing them for professional success and for productive citizenship.