GWU Lacrosse Player Shares Skills with Young People in Uganda

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Emma Rose (’17) Interns with Fields of Growth International

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—Relying on facial expressions, posture and a limited vocabulary, Emma Rose (’17), a member of the Gardner-Webb University Women’s Lacrosse Team, communicated her instructions to young lacrosse players in Uganda.

“Everything you are taught by your parents, like to have good posture and to show well-mannered body language, comes into play when language is limited,” stated Rose, a political science major. “This is the beauty of lacrosse though, and the beauty of sports in general. They can be taught and translated through demonstration and knowing three words in Luganda. Those words being, ‘stop,’ ‘go,’ and ‘Mzungu,’ which is used to refer to people of European descent or a foreigner, just so you know when people are speaking to or about you.”

As an intern with Kevin Dugan, founder of Fields of Growth International (FOG) and the Lacrosse Volunteer Corps (LVC), Rose spent five weeks helping children in Uganda improve their lacrosse skills. “I wanted to do the internship, because I wanted to submerse myself into another culture while still being able to serve others,” Rose shared. “I wanted to have a purpose behind my internship that didn’t just have value to myself.”

During her internship, she was asked to write blog posts about her experience for the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation (CPWLF). Powell is a Major League Lacrosse player for The Florida Launch. Her posts described working with teenagers at the YMCA in Kampala and 375 children at the Hopeful School sponsored by FOG in the small village of Kamungu. Rose, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is not sure who benefitted more—her or the Ugandans.

“Overall my internship has taught me patience that will help me in all aspects of life,” she reflected. “My experience taught me the value of human interaction and humbled me. I am grateful for all the people I met and the ones who gave me this opportunity. I have a renewed faith in people and in the goodness of their hearts. As an athlete this experience helped me fall back in love with the game of lacrosse. Playing in college sometimes makes you a little sick of your sport, but I now know why I loved the game so much to begin with. My internship really helped me choose a direction I desire to take my career in, working with non-profits and potentially aid organizations.”

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