GWU Godbold School of Business Helps Undergrad Develop Skills as Financial Advisor

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Logan Walker (’17) Gaining Experience at Wealth Management Firm 

Logan Walker of Huntersville, N.C., (’17) came to Gardner-Webb University to play soccer and major in communications with a video and film concentration. However, an illness shortened his athletic career after one season as a Runnin’ Bulldog. At the same time, he discovered an aptitude for economics and finance that led him to change majors.

“I didn’t even practice during the fall semester because of my health issues. That was a very difficult time for me,” Walker shared. “My family and I went to Cleveland Clinic, but they couldn’t locate the source of my health problems. So, I just decided to trust that, if the best doctors in the nation couldn’t find out what was wrong, perhaps the Lord was wanting me to learn to lean on him during a difficult time, so that I would be prepared to trust him later in life when other issues arose.”

Although he still struggles with health issues, Walker asserts, “I have never been happier or more at peace in life, because the Lord has used this time in my life to teach me a great deal about who he is, who Jesus is, and who I am. It used to be that soccer was my identity. Now, my identity is a child of God and nothing else. That’s a pretty good place to be!”

He credits Dr. Anthony Negbenebor, dean emeritus and professor of economics and international business in the Godbold School of Business, with helping him realize his calling as a financial advisor. “I switched to economics as my major, because it is more of a passion and less of a fancy,” he explained. “Plus, I had a class with Dr. Negbenebor, and I developed a deep respect for him immediately. I thought I might like doing what he has done in the past. Turns out, that was a correct assumption. I made the shift out of a desire to help individuals manage their money in a way that speaks well of who they are. Everyone has been blessed with different gifts and passions. My gift is in understanding finances and analyzing market trends.”

He decided to minor in video and film, because he could use those talents to stay close to sports. “I still wanted to be able to stay around sports, because I love the values and the teamwork that comes from them,” he related. “What better way to do it than to film the game you love and get paid for it at the same time as the Sports Information Videographer?”

Through self-motivation and diligent study, Walker has earned the respect of his professors in the Godbold School of Business. At a large institution his achievements would get lost in the crowd, but at Gardner-Webb, his instructors know who he is, give guidance, and offer career assistance.

“When an individual works hard, professors are able to take note and advocate for that student as a result of the small class sizes,” he assessed. “If I had gone to a larger school, I may not have built the relationships with my professors that I have here. A number of times different professors have made calls on my behalf and supported my pursuits of following God and achieving my dreams. The business school faculty is full of character and integrity, and when an individual works hard, the professors will help that individual. By displaying servant-leadership constantly, these professors are preparing me—through their example—to put the needs of others before my own.”