GWU Exercise Science Program Recognized for Excellence in Education

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Students Receive Discounts on Certification Exams and Professional Development Opportunities

Dr. Jeff Hartman, GWU professor of exercise science and exercise science program coordinator, supervises student Jane Perrin Mayer at one of the service-learning opportunities provided by the Department of Exercise Science.

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—The Department of Exercise Science at Gardner-Webb University has received recognition from a prestigious organization in the fitness industry. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), which represents more than 45,000 professionals, has listed GWU in its Education Recognition Program (ERP) for undergraduate strength and conditioning.

“This is our first application and recognition for the NSCA ERP distinction,” noted Dr. Jeff Hartman, professor of exercise science and exercise science program coordinator. “The application involved submission of mission, curriculum and syllabi, along with program and university administration information. This distinction provides further support for what we are doing in exercise science at GWU, which is preparing outstanding young professionals for success inside the classroom and out.”

The recognition is given to programs that demonstrate excellence in the classroom and curricula that prepares students for success on the NSCA certification exam. While GWU receives the honor of being placed on the list, students will reap the majority of the rewards. “All of our majors must sit for one of three nationally-recognized certifications,” Hartman explained. “Two of which are through the NSCA. Because of the recognition, they will receive discounts on exam prep clinics.”

Students will also receive discounts on the certification exam fee, student memberships, NSCA conference fees, and access to NSCA scholarships, grants and internships.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the world-leading membership organization for thousands of elite strength coaches, personal trainers and dedicated researchers and educators. Click here to find out more about the NSCA Education Recognition Program. 

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