GWU Exercise Science Classes Prepare Student for Future in Medicine

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London Schumacher (’18) Seeks Career as a Physician Assistant

London Schumacher (’18) admits she’s somewhat nerdy when it comes to studying anatomy and physiology. The Waynesville, N.C., native is majoring in exercise science to prepare for Physician Assistant (PA) school. One of her favorite classes has been Motor Behavior taught by Dr. Jeff Hartman, associate professor of exercise science at Gardner-Webb University. “I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge about the body and movement as a whole,” Schumacher said. “I still brag about that class to anyone who will listen.”

She’s also discovered that she likes studying chemistry and how it relates to the medical field. “Medicine is a combination of chemical compounds and those class experiences have allowed me to understand why medicines react differently,” Schumacher observed. “Also the chemistry department is filled with brilliant people. They make it much easier to learn and love the subject.”

A member of the GWU Women’s Swim Team, Schumacher chose GWU over several other colleges because of its small class sizes, the recommendation of a friend and reputation of swim coach Mike Simpson. “I felt as though God was pulling me towards GWU,” she reflected. “Everything about it was great—the small class sizes, the beautiful campus, the amazing swim team, and an environment that supported my faith.”

An unexpected benefit of the Gardner-Webb experience has been the connections she’s made with people in the surrounding town of Boiling Springs, N.C. “You really get to know the people outside of the school area,” she assessed. “For me, knowing the people personally that work at the Snack Shop (restaurant) makes going there that much better. Being a college student, it’s hard sometimes to find a place where you belong, but having a community that is so loving and small makes it that much easier.”