GWU Education Prepared Hack Wall and Dan Kingsmore for Successful Careers

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Outside of Class, Talented Alums Shared Fun Times Playing in Band

photo of Dan Kingsmore, left, and Hack Wall
Dan Kingsmore, left, and Hack Wall

Hack Wall didn’t have career plans when he showed up at Gardner-Webb University in 1962. A native of Jacksonville, Fla., he came to play football, work on his math skills and have some fun. Along the way he gained some lifelong friends, discovered a talent for playing the drums and learned some valuable lessons.

“I had a lot of experiences that helped me in life, like meeting people and making friends,” shared Wall, who now lives in Waterloo, S.C. “These are experiences that mold you into becoming who you are now.”

One person who influenced Wall’s future was Dan Kingsmore from Buffalo, S.C. They both liked music, and Kingsmore asked Wall to join his band. “I had played the drums on a friend’s set, just messing around,” Wall related. “But Dan and company gave me the opportunity to be a drummer.”

A newspaper clipping about Dan Kingsmore's and Hack Wall's band, the Palatones
A newspaper clipping about Dan Kingsmore’s and Hack Wall’s band, the Palatones. In the photo, Hack is playing the drums and Dan is the guitarist standing next to him.

Wall acquired his first set of drums by going to a local pawn shop and trading in his motor scooter. The band was featured live on a radio station in Union, S.C., and played shows in Cleveland County, N.C., Gaffney, S.C., and Myrtle Beach, S.C. Once, they played on campus for a sock hop. They didn’t make any recordings, but had many memories.

After graduation, the band members went their separate ways. Kingsmore left behind performing, preferring to enjoy music as a hobby. Wall got together with friends in Jacksonville and through the years played with different groups. Although there were times they lost touch, Kingsmore and Wall have reconnected over the years. Kingsmore had a career in textiles, at one point living in Hong Kong as manager for the Southeast Asia sales division. He now lives in Myrtle Beach and runs a real estate business with his wife and son. He still enjoys sitting on his porch and picking his guitar.

Wall joined his father-in-law’s Fiberglass business and traveled internationally as a manufacturing consultant in Fiberglass production. He kept performing with different groups and along the way collected a number of guitars, keyboards, amplifiers and sound and recording equipment. When he retired to Waterloo, he realized he could build a recording studio with the instruments and equipment he had accumulated. Groups can bring their own gear or use his. They record, and he coaches them on their performance. He’s played with some well-known talent in South Carolina, and often doesn’t charge them for the recording. Recently, he started a music production business, offering a portable stage and providing sound and lighting for concerts.

Dan Kingsmore and Hack Wall pose with guitars that Dan has had for more than 50 years
Dan Kingsmore and Hack Wall pose with guitars that Dan has had for more than 50 years.

Like Wall, Kingsmore appreciates the personal growth he experienced at Gardner-Webb. He remembers clearly a statement made by the college president, Dr. Eugene Poston, in an opening ceremony. “He said, ‘You are going to learn a lot here at Gardner-Webb, and what you probably don’t realize is that you are going to need everything you learn here to be successful in life,’” Kingsmore disclosed. “As I grew older and started my work life, my career and my family life, the values I learned here, the activities here—the way that we were educated and trained—were so important to me in my life.”

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