Gardner-Webb University Awarded for Extraordinary Professional Programming

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2017-2018 College of DistinctionBOILING SPRINGS, N.C. – Recognized for an innovative approach to education, Gardner-Webb University was recently named a 2017-2018 College of Distinction. Now, Gardner-Webb has been honored further for expertly blending the liberal arts with professional programming in business, education, and nursing.

“We are ecstatic to celebrate Gardner-Webb University for its exceptional commitment to student success,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer for Colleges of Distinction. “Building upon its extensive liberal arts curriculum, as well as its impressive engagement of High-Impact Practices, GWU continues to stand out through its stance as a leader in professional education.”

The 21st-century job market now demands employees who are both stellar communicators and critical-thinkers, and it is with a well-rounded approach to career development that GWU students are especially prepared to take on the postgraduate world.

“We are really gratified to see this recognition,” said Dr. Ben Leslie, GWU Provost and Executive Vice President. “Gardner-Webb has established professional readiness as a priority for all programs across the undergraduate curriculum, including those in the traditional humanities. We call it the Professional Readiness Pledge, which means we have the programs and structures in place to ensure that every student at Gardner-Webb is given ample opportunity to develop the skill set that will allow them to succeed in the workplace after graduation.”

The University’s new Field of Study badges are true marks of honor in the world of higher education. Colleges of Distinction granted these awards after a comprehensive vetting process, selecting schools based on such qualities as accreditation, breadth of program, and a track record for success.Business Colleges of Distinction badge

Business: The fast-paced, modern world of business requires effective communication and innovative strategies. Programs within the Godbold School of Business keep future leaders ahead of the curve and ready to grow alongside the industry.Education Colleges of Distinction Badge

Education: Gardner-Webb’s future educators are bolstered by an enriching liberal arts perspective, allowing them to be empathetic, creative, and efficient mentors for their students.

Nursing Colleges of Distinction BadgeNursing: The accredited Hunt School of Nursing at GWU has enabled its students to take calculated action, even in high-pressure situations. Their well-rounded perspective allows them to think on their feet and care deeply for their patients.

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Colleges of Distinction has recognized and honored schools throughout the U.S. for excellence in undergraduate-focused higher education for over 15 years. The member schools within the Colleges of Distinction consortium distinguish themselves through their focus on the undergraduate experience. For more information, visit

Located in the North Carolina foothills, Gardner-Webb University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university that prepares students to become critical thinkers, effective leaders and compassionate servants in the global community. Emphasizing a strong student-centered experience and rigorous academics, Gardner-Webb ignites learning and service opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Ignite your future at