Gardner-Webb Students Compete in WorldQuest

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Team Answers Questions Related to Events and Culture

WorldQuest team from GWUBOILING SPRINGS, N.C.—A team of students from Gardner-Webb University recently tested their knowledge of world facts by competing in WorldQuest in Charlotte, N.C. The group of political science, global studies, history and biology majors were accompanied by Dr. Casey Delehanty, assistant professor of Global Studies.

Sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, the event included approximately 600 students and community members from all around the greater Charlotte area. They answered questions related to current events, history, geography and other topics of global significance. “To prepare, the students were given the various categories and they studied amongst themselves,” Delehanty shared. “They learned a little more about the world, and they got to interact with people from all walks of life—local high school students all the way to the mayor of Charlotte competed.”

David Cole, a GWU political science major from Clover, S.C., said the group used quiz applications to identify flags of different countries and study Cold War history. “That really helped us recall some of the more obscure things that most people are not aware of,” Cole assessed. “The world flags section was probably the toughest. Most of the questions described the design of the flag, and we had to guess the appearance to some degree.”

They were also asked questions about Italy, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, world elections, food, culture, dance, and anything in between. “It was a great learning and bonding experience for all of us, and the food was good, too,” Cole related.

Tessa Walsh, a global studies major from Christiansburg, Va., appreciated how team members bounced ideas off one another to come up with the best answer. “I learned how wonderful it is to have a group of colleagues who are interested in world affairs and concerned about global issues,” she commented. “We worked well together. We determined to have fun, and winning was not something we were overly concerned with but rather enjoyed the trivia and each other’s company. I am very grateful for Gardner-Webb’s willingness to invest in the pursuit of excellence by allowing us to attend events such as WorldQuest.”

Other team members were global studies majors, Beth Leap of Sarasota, Fla., and Hadassah Winters of Lancaster, S.C., political science majors, Lara Siebrecht from Berlin and Eli Hardin of Shelby, N.C., history major Ethan Ramsey from Robbinsville, N.C., and biology major Cody Cook of Mill Spring, N.C.

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