Gardner-Webb Honors Students for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Service and Leadership

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Each spring, Gardner-Webb University proudly honors dozens of undergraduate students for academic excellence and outstanding service and leadership.  Winners of these awards exemplify the University’s core values of faith, service and leadership in their classrooms and communities.

In recognition of their awards, winners get to choose one book for purchase by Gardner-Webb’s Dover Memorial Library.  The books are inscribed with the winners’ names and the date of the award presentation.

The following is an alphabetical list of students who were honored at the Spring 2012 Academic Awards Day and the Spring 2012 Student Leadership, Service and Volunteerism Awards Day.

Note to students: For more information about any of these awards, or for information on how to send news releases about these awards to your hometown papers, contact the Office of University Communications at 704-406-2237, or email

(“Who’s Who” refers to those selected to the list of “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges”)

Kayla M. Alexander                 Presidential Associates Award

Marcia Alligood                       Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Kristen Allison                         First Year History Award; First Year Mathematics Achievement Award

Allyson D. Ammons                Who’s Who

Matt Anderson                         Fellowship of Christian Athletes Service Award

Sarah Beth Anthony                NCLEX Scholarship Award

Carrie Arant                             First Year History Award

Colin Ashley                             Student Athlete Advisory Committee President’s Award; Residential Service and Leadership Award

D. Christopher Banks            Biology Service Award

Delton Barnes                          Student Government Association Treasurer’s Award

Phillip Barringer                     Peer Leader Award

Sarah Baylor                            German Award; Mathematics Service Award

Elisa Beekman                         Elizabeth Carlisle Jones Art Award

Kiah Bellows                             Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts

Stephanie Benshoof                 Student Athlete Advisory Committee Vice President’s Award; Who’s Who

Hannah K. Black                       Presidential Associates Award

Brittany Blackwelder                Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Marketing Award

Jonte Blake                                Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Hannah Blalock                         First Year Music Award

Kara Buchanan                         American Sign Language Award

Emily Burgess                          Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts

Ragan Burke                             Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Madison Cates                          Student Government Association Vice President’s Award

David Blake Caulder                GOAL Academic Award

Casey Coleman                         Student Recruiter Ambassadors Scholarship Award

Bradley Collins                          F. Keith Griggs Student Leadership Award; Most School Spirited Award

Kenneth Collins                        Orchestra Award

McKenzie Connor                     Alpha Psi Award in Theater

Chad William Cooper              GOAL Academic Award

Jordan Cox                                Donald Sidney (Sid) Haton, Jr., Marching Band Spirit Award

Verhonda C. Crawford             Presidential Associates Award; 2nd Runner Up and Most Talented in the Miss Gardner-Webb Pageant; Who’s


Matthew Cummings                 Spanish Award

Breanna Davenport                   Sport Management Major Award; LEADERS Award for Professional Excellence; Most Photogenic in the Miss

Gardner-Webb Pageant; Who’s Who

Ashley Davis                             Athletic Training Major Award; LEADERS Award for Professional Excellence

Brianna Dillard                         Psychology Award; Sociology Award; 2012 Big South Women’s Basketball Co-Scholar-Athlete of the Year; Big

South All-Academic Team; Who’s Who

Corey Divine                            Kerr “Buddy” Watson Business Administration Award

Miriam Downing                      American Sign Language Award

Mark Drum                               Accounting Award

James T. Dugas                         Who’s Who

Joshua Dula                              Sociology Award

Alexaner Y. Ellwood                Presidential Associates Award

Luke A. Engelken                     Who’s Who

Rebecca Ennis                          Presidential Purchase Awards in the Arts

Kasey Jo Eskridge                    Secondary Student Teaching Award

Courtney Finocchiaro              M. Vann Murrell Bible Award; Communication Studies Award; The Charles and Sybil Shelton Outstanding

Christian Service Award

Drew Ford                                Outstanding Student Government Association Member Award

Elizabeth Glunk                        English as a Second Language Award

Amber Gold                              1st Runner Up in the Miss GWU Pageant

Kristopher Gray                       Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Marketing Award

Spencer Graybeal                      Pamela Darnell Christian Mission Award; Who’s Who

Jessica Greer                             John and Linda Godbold Award; Who’s Who

Jeremy Griffin                          Stefka Eddins Undergraduate Research Award

Lindsey Hamby                        Photography Award

Tabitha Hamilton                    Physical Education Major Award

Chelsea Hearne                        Religious Studies Service Award; Student to Student Award

Hannah Hellyer                        Miss Congeniality in the Miss GWU Pageant; Student Athlete Advisory Committee Publicity Chair

Michael Heredia                       Peer Leader Award; The Charles and Sybil Shelton Outstanding Christian Service Award; Who’s Who

Jessica Hibbard                        Photography Award

Jennifer Hindman                    International Business Award; Student in Free Enterprise World Trade Award

Richard Horsley                        Alpha Psi Award for Excellence in Technical Theater

Anna Howell                              First Year English Composition Award

Ann Marie Howell                     Justin Scot Alston Memorial Award

Daniel Reed Hudson                GOAL Academic Award

Amanda Jeffries                       Teacher Education Scholarship Award; Senior Scholastic Award

Bailey Jennings                        Peer Leader Award; Pamela Darnell Christian Mission Award; Who’s Who

Jimmy Johnson                        Global Studies Award

Ben Johnson                             Justin Scot Alston Memorial Award

Erwin Johnson                         Male Volunteer of the Year

Sara Jolley                                 Peer Leader Award; Miss Gardner-Webb 2012; Who’s Who

Kevin Kassakatis                      Who’s Who

Courtney Kerley                       Mathematics Education Award

Daniel Kernicky                        Mathematics Major Award; Computer Science Major Award; Math Club SIGMA Leadership Award; Who’s


Kathryn Grace Kibler              Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts; Art History Research Award; Who’s Who

Matthew L. Kiggen                  Who’s Who

Elizabeth Kington                    French Award

Kristen Larimer                       Female Volunteer of the Year

Jennifer Law                            Paul J. Stacy Award in Biology; Peer Leader Award; Biology Service Award; Chemistry Service Award;

Residential Service and Leadership Award

Hillary Leonard                       Who’s Who

Matt Liedberg                          Most School Spirited Award

Justin Lindley                          Music Achievement Award

Matthew Lineberger               Most Outstanding Male Graduate; Specialty Area Student Teaching Award; David M. Schweppe Memorial

Music Award; Philosophy Award; Who’s Who

Jackson Liner                           Finance Award

Megan Long                             Chemistry Service Award

Jordan Love                             Who’s Who

Roger Lowe                              Theodore Presser Music Award

Karis Manus                             Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Danielle Marshall                    Health and Wellness Major Award

Christopher Martin                 Parrish First Year Chemistry Award

Ashley McCurry                       Grace C. Lee Nursing Award

Courtney Meyer                       Middle Grades Student Teaching Award

Cameron Mitchell                   Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts; Pamela Darnell Christian Mission Award

Hannah Mitchell                     Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts

Evan Moffitt                            2012 Big South All-Academic Team; 2012 Big South Volleyball Scholar-Athlete of the Year; Student Athlete

Advisory Committee Secretary’s Award; Pam Scruggs Leadership Award; Who’s Who

Andrea Monteleone                IRS-VITA Award

Kelly Montgomery                  Elementary Education Student Teaching Award – Boiling Springs Campus; Peer Leader Award; Who’s Who

Sarah Morabito                       Student Athlete Advisory Committee Outstanding Member Award

Jordan Morris                          Student Recruiter Ambassadors Scholarship Award

Catherine Morrison                Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Melissa Murphy                      Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Annalisa Musarra                   Communication Studies Award; Peer Leader Award; Who’s Who

Kevin Nunns                           Peer Leader Award

Joshua Padgett                       Mathematics Major Award; Big South George A. Christenberry Award for Academic Excellence; 2012 Big

South All-Academic Team

Michelle Palacio                      Student Government Association President’s Award; Who’s Who

Heather Pendergraft              Photography Award

Melissa Potter                          Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts

Natasha Puplichhuisen           German Award

Christopher Putnam               Wallace Carpenter Management Information Systems Award

T. Dustin Quattlebaum           Who’s Who

Rebekah Rausch                       Journalism Award

Lauren Richardson                  Peer Leader Award

Chassidy Rowe                         Elementary Education Student Teaching Award – Statesville Campus

Jane Savage                              J. Calvin Koonts Poetry Award; Professional Writing Award; Senior Scholastic Award; Big South Softball

Scholar-Athlete of the Year; 2012 Big South All-Academic Team; George A. Christenberry Award for Academic

Excellence; Who’s Who

Bonnie Scruggs                         Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Award; Orchestra Award

Rebecca Setzer                         Religious Education Award

Travis Sherrill                          Justin Scot Alston LIFE Award; Peer Leader Award; Who’s Who

Logan Simpson                        Who’s Who

Brandon Smith                         Political Science Award

Lisa Smith                                The Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Service-Learning Award

Carly Sotillo                             Ray Webb Lutz Award; GOAL Academic Award

Teresa Spears                           Broyhill Achievement Award

Katie Spiro                               Student Government Association – Elected Secretary

Casey Stafford                          Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Cedric Starr                              Greek Award; Who’s Who

Samuel Nathon Staton              GOAL Academic Award

Whitney Stroup                       Student Alumni Council Award

Amy Snyder                             Broad River Review Editors’ Prize in Poetry

Josh Tallent                             Peer Leader Award

Olivia Teague                           English as a Second Language Award

Brandon Tipton                       Justin Scot Alston Memorial Award

Megan Tremblay                      Economics Award

Garrett M. Trusler                    Who’s Who

Chelsea L. Turlington              Who’s Who

Chelsea Usher                          Most Outstanding Female Graduate; Senior Scholastic Award; Senior English Major Award; Broad River

Review Editors’ Prize in Prose; Peer Leader Award; Presidential Associates Award; Who’s Who

Dena Webb                              Healthcare Management Award

Victoria C. Welch                    Biology Service Award

Laura Wilcox                           M.A. Moseley, Jr., Senior Chemistry Award

Kyle Wilkinson                        Psychology Award; Pamela Darnell Christian Mission Award; Who’s Who

Kayla Williams                        Advance AmeriCorps Volunteers Award

Omar Wingo                            Symphonic Band Award

Samuel Woods                          J.O. Terrell History Award

Savanna Yount                         Psychology Award; Who’s Who

Kelsi T. Zaldivar                      Who’s Who

Jack Zimmerman                     Professor James Rash Art Award; Presidential Purchase Award in the Arts; Who’s Who

Congratulations to all the winners!

Gardner-Webb, a private Christian, Baptist-related University, offers a comprehensive academic experience that introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the diverse world of ideas and to the people who think them, challenging students spiritually and intellectually and equipping them not only for professional success but for lives marked by empathy, compassion and a commitment to service on the broadest scale, Pro Deo et Humanitate (For God and Humanity).