Gardner-Webb Announces Strategic Realignment Plan

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Voluntary Resignations, Program Assessments and Addressing Affordability Will Assist Efficiency and Growth

the official seal of Gardner-Webb UniversityBOILING SPRINGS, N.C. –  Current trends in American business are clear. Operational efficiency and cost containment are frequently in the headlines and discussed on social networks.

The business of higher education is no different. Affordability is also a major issue, and every institution must address this. Gardner-Webb is financially healthy, but we must bring our expenses in line with our revenues to keep the University strong. We will do this for our students as we continue to focus on affordability, effectiveness and efficiency within all of our programs and offerings.

On March 10, a plan was offered to our staff and administration to participate in a Voluntary Resignation Program which will allow some of our employees the opportunity to leave the University with a severance package. This organizational realignment plan, in part, will assist in making Gardner-Webb more focused and efficient.

Gardner-Webb students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends understand how important it is to be disciplined and diligent in managing the University business. We will improve our effectiveness and efficiency, continue to be mindful of college affordability, and commit ourselves to maintaining and strengthening the long-term financial health of the University.

At Gardner-Webb, the real objective is always about improving the educational opportunities for our students through affordability and quality education. For several months, we have engaged in an initiative called The Strategic Pivot: Transformation. The foundation of this effort is built upon the University’s strategic plan with a focus on the future of higher education.

In this effort to examine our institutional mission, our strategic vision, and the existing and emerging market trends, we have developed a partnership with the highly-respected Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges. With their assistance, we have been conducting operational assessments that include organizational structure, process and management, budget resources, and program offerings.

These thoughtful and detailed assessments will lead to changes at the University, and sometimes that process is difficult. But we must aggressively embrace this transformation, for it will ultimately make us stronger as we create the Gardner-Webb of tomorrow.

The long-term result will be the same solid Christian, liberal arts education students have always had. Beyond that, we will look to enhance the quality of the student experience, explore different delivery methods, and examine new and emerging opportunities for academic growth. As we adapt to the changing environment, it will take hard and focused work, but these efforts are essential for the lives and careers of our students and the future of Gardner-Webb University.

GWU President Dr. Frank Bonner offers additional perspectives on the announcement here.