Gardner-Webb Alumna Helps Husband Achieve Dream of Owning a Restaurant

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Cindy Trevisan ’05 Uses Business Skills to Navigate all Aspects of Starting a Business  

Giovanni Trevisan and his wife, Cindy, a GWU alumna, own Slice House Pizza in Huntersville, N.C.

When Cindy Trevisan earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Gardner-Webb University in 2005, she wanted to further her career in the financial field. While she excelled in her job, her husband, Giovanni, was co-owner of a popular restaurant. About a year ago, they decided to combine their talents and go into business for themselves.

“We both did some introspection and reevaluated our work/life balance and priorities,” Trevisan explained. “I believe our Christian faith swayed our decision, too. I have a solid business education and feel well versed to run any business. He certainly has a strong culinary background. We decided to start a restaurant—truly his dream—without any partners or business investors. This gives us latitude to ensure our family is a priority.”

Recently, they opened Slice House Pizza in Huntersville, N.C., and have received a warm welcome and great reviews. In keeping with their commitment to prioritize family life, they are closed on Sundays. “Together, we have created a successful business employing roughly 20 people,” Trevisan said. “In many respects, we are living the American dream, as my husband is a naturalized citizen. I am so blessed to have a prosperous business and see dreams realized. I also feel we are relevant in the community and our local economy, because we are committed to using local vendors and farmers.”

Trevisan started her MBA at another college, but transferred to Gardner-Webb, because the GWU Charlotte (N.C.) Center was more convenient. “Gardner-Webb was closer to my job and home and also offered online and weekend graduate classes, which made it a perfect fit for me and my schedule,” she observed. “I received a quality education in a more intimate setting than what a large, public university could offer.”

One of her favorite classes was Quantitative Mathematics, because she enjoyed dissecting logistical problems. “I continue to use the knowledge I gained in that class today,” Trevisan asserted. “Dr. Mickey Metcalf was among the most memorable professors I had. He was very passionate and definitely gave me useful advice applicable to the workplace.”

Her studies at Gardner-Webb helped her in all aspects of starting the new restaurant. She has navigated confidently through such areas as computer programming, human resources, government regulations and contract negotiations.

“I gained a solid business background and appreciated the way GWU professors mentored me,” she affirmed. “The professors had a personal touch and were very willing to help me achieve my academic goals while I was still working in a professional capacity. Numerous times, my professors allowed me to integrate my classwork, assignments and projects with what I was responsible for at work. I think my former employers really benefited from this approach, too.”