Doctoral Student Values Liberal Arts Education

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M. Lamont Littlejohn Feels Better Prepared to Serve his Church

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. – With each step of his educational journey at Gardner-Webb University, M. Lamont Littlejohn has learned more about himself and the ministry.

“Training for pastoral ministry is vital more now than ever,” he explained. “I have a greater sense of how to relate to the people I have the privilege to serve and the knowledge to administer church ministries in an effective way that will hopefully be impactful rather than simply impressive.”

A doctoral candidate in the School of Divinity, Littlejohn prefers the title of servant pastor/teacher at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C.

“My inspiration comes from the Gospel according to Mark, Chapter 10, Verse 45a: ‘For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,’” he shared. “Servant pastor/teacher for me is not simply a title, but a function that I strive to grow into daily.”

He began his GWU journey by earning his bachelor’s in religious education with a minor in psychology. Years later, he came back to GWU for his Master of Divinity.

“My experience has helped me to become a better holistic person,” he observed. “My educational experience allowed me to acquire skills within other subject areas of study beyond my major and minor concentrations. It has taught me that ministry is both tough and messy at times. My reward is not based on how many people are in the pews on a certain Sunday, but instead on how many souls I’m willing to serve on a consistent basis.”

He describes the faculty as “fair, available, caring, unique, willing to listen and theologically sound, with a yearning to guide students beyond that which is familiar.”

“Each one, in a unique way, has helped to shape me throughout my time at GWU,” he added. “I am grateful to each one of them. I call them partners in ministry.”

He recommends the School of Divinity, because the professors offer a unique educational experience.

“I would repeat a statement that is often used by Dr. Robert Canoy and other professors,” Littlejohn offered. “‘Come and unpack your bag, and when the journey is complete don’t be surprised if the bag you leave with looks (theologically) distinct from the one you arrived with.’”


Located in Boiling Springs, N.C., Gardner-Webb University’s purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God through Christian higher education by preparing graduates for professional and personal success, instilling in them a deep commitment to service and leadership, and equipping them for well-rounded lives of lasting impact, Pro Deo et Humanitate (For God and Humanity).