Degree Completion Program Helps Student Begin Career in Education

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Benjamin Abee (’17) Wants to ‘Lead the Next Generation as a Teacher’  

Benjamin Abee (’17) of Trinity, N.C., took a job in manufacturing when he graduated from high school, but he dreamed of leaving a legacy. “I wanted a long-lasting career that impacted the world, not just another job,” Abee stated. “So, I chose to become an educator. I have always enjoyed working with kids, and I wanted to hopefully make an impact in the world by leading the next generation as a teacher.”

He started looking for a flexible online program, because he works full time and has a family. He found Gardner-Webb’s Degree Completion Program through an Internet search and liked the options. “I had friends who knew about Gardner-Webb as well,” Abee offered. “From what I had read and seen, I felt like Gardner-Webb was the college for me. Being a Christian-based school was also a plus.”

Although classes were online, the professors helped students feel connected with each other and with campus. “My professors used Zoom meetings (video-conferencing website), which is a great way to feel connected,” Abee explained. “Also, any events or meetings on campus were brought to my attention. I have also been able to interact with on-campus students in meetings, homework and message boards and Twitter.”

Abee is excited and prepared to begin student teaching. “Not only have I learned how to be a great teacher, but I have learned how to be professional, organized, and confident in my abilities,” he affirmed. “The classes are thorough and well designed to give the student an abundance of knowledge for the classroom. The professors have helped me to find my voice, my passion and my abilities to become a great educator. They are teaching us how to effectively research, problem solve, design lesson and unit plans, and most of all, teach and lead students to success.”