Classes in GWU Master of Wealth and Trust Management Help Grad Student on the Job

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Jordan Bilodeau ’17 Values Professors who Have Experience in Financial Industry

photo of Jordan BilodeauNumbers have always fascinated Jordan Bilodeau ‘17 of Charlotte, N.C. As a youngster, his favorite pastime was to memorize statistics of players and teams. His interest in math led him to work toward a career in the financial services industry. “The combination of working with numbers and the potential to help people secure their financial future was really what sparked my interest,” he reflected.

Before receiving his undergraduate degree in 2015 from another college, he contacted Gardner-Webb University Godbold School of Business to learn about the Master of Wealth and Trust Management. The GWU program coordinator was friendly and took time to answer his questions. “She was also instrumental in providing me with an opportunity to interview for a summer internship, and I have been with the same company ever since,” Bilodeau explained. “I was really intrigued with the Charlotte financial services industry and was ready to call Charlotte my home. Gardner-Webb’s versatility, and the availability of the Charlotte campus led to my decision to attend the program.”

The company where he works is a leader in the financial services industry and provides comprehensive financial planning for individuals and businesses. “As a member of the wealth management department, my responsibilities are to work with product vendors to better understand their products such as annuities, mutual funds, money managers, and retirement plan providers,” Bilodeau related. “I also work directly with financial advisors to help with their case designs and product submission. I am fortunate to be a member of a team that is very passionate about what they do.”

The courses in the GWU Wealth and Trust Management program were relevant and beneficial to his job. “My classes have been integral in my development at the workplace,” Bilodeau assessed. “I’ve already been able to take concepts from the classroom to the job. I’ve also been able to take some ideas from the workplace and incorporate them in the classroom discussions with other students and professors. I think that what I’ve valued the most has been the small classroom settings. I’ve always felt comfortable with my professors and have been able to bounce ideas off them. This has allowed me to create a good relationship with professors who have experience in the industry. Academics are important, but the combination of real-world experience truly makes a difference.”

After receiving his master’s from GWU, he plans to stay in Charlotte and would like to work in management and production. “My firm has been cooperative enough to provide me with the opportunity to choose my own path,” Bilodeau offered. “As much as I look forward to helping individual clients with their financial goals, I’ve also found a passion for helping other financial advisors work to secure a bright future for their clients.”