Campus Recreation

Lunch Options

If you find that your trip to the Broyhill Adventure Course falls around lunchtime, there are a number of dining options for your group to consider.


Packing a lunch is always an option, and sometimes works better for larger groups. We have tables you can use to set up and plenty of places to sit and enjoy your meal.


Another option is to take advantage of the Gardner-Webb dining hall, only a short walk across campus, it can accommodate large groups in a non-formal all you can eat setting. Price is $6.15 per person.


The last option is to take advantage of the various restaurants in Boiling Springs. McDonald's, KFC/Taco Bell, Hardees, Subway, Snack Shop, QuikSnak, Papa’s Pizza, Giorgio’s, Italian Garden, Hoshi, and El Acapulco are the various options available. This alternative usually works best for smaller groups.


We generally allot an hour for your group as well as our staff to eat lunch.