Campus Recreation


Low Ropes Elements

The Team Development Course consists of a succession of platforms and poles. Rescue simulations, Amazonian treks, and Great Escapes are some of the adventures that will challenge a group to work together.


The Whale Watch is a large balancing platform. Your group will be challenged to keep the platform level, letting neither end touch the ground. Reach an established time goal set by your team.


The Initiative Wall is a large wall with an eight foot section and a twelve foot section. Using only yourselves as resources, hoist your entire team up and over the top.


Other Activities and Elements
A Frame
Spider Webb
Bull Ring
Nuclear Power Plant
Plutonium Tub
Piranha River
All Aboard
Nitro Crossing
Tai Chi Traverse
Blind Maze
Marble Tubes
Magic Carpet
Pipe Sculpture
Needle in a Haystack

High Ropes Elements

alpine tower
The Alpine Tower

The Alpine Tower is a fifty foot high structure with over thirty different climbing routes, and a variety of elements. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of participants, including people with disabilities. The corporate ladder, missing link, floating poles, and diabolical seesaw are some of the elements that can be incorporated into your climb.

carolina straigdht wall
The Carolina Straight Wall

The Carolina Straight Wall is a fifty foot high structure with approximately 2,000 square feet of climbing surface. The Wall features flat, cornered, vertical, and inverted sides to appeal to all skill levels.

giant swing
The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is an activity in which a participant, through a system of ropes and pulleys, is hoisted up by their group to a height of the participants choosing. He or she then lets go of the release cord for a breath-taking swing!