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Services and Resources

All Residence Hall rooms and University receive basic cable service. If you experience problems on your cable television, notify your RA of this maintenance request.


Dover Campus Center
The lower level of the Dover Campus Center houses the Kennel, a lounge area for students to use, and Ritch Banquet Hall as well as the Campus Shop and Campus Post Office. The main level features the Cafeteria and Bailey Faculty Dining Room as well as the Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Planning and a Conference Room.


Laundry Facilities
Laundry rooms are located in all resident halls. For detailed information on availability of washers and wash progress, please visit our laundry view page.


The University is not responsible for loss of personal property due to fire or water damage from any source. Students are advised to consult with parents regarding their homeowner’s insurance policy.


University Property Damage Statement: “A student(s) in or related to the immediate vicinity of a fire may be asked to conference with the Director of Housing & Residence Education to determine if his/her actions or lack thereof created an unsafe environment. As a result, the student(s) may be held accountable for full or partial restitution of the damage affiliated with the incident.”


We encourage you to use the residence hall lounges for studying, relaxing, talking with friends, entertaining guests, and watching televisions. Every Residence Hall contains a lounge area. There are televisions located in every Residence Hall Lounge area.


Located on the lower level of the Dover Campus Center, the Campus Post Office is a limited service branch of the U.S. Post Office that sells stamps, stamped envelopes, mails packages (up to 30 lbs.), and certifies and insures letters or packages. The Campus Post Office is open Monday though Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A resident student keeps the same post office box number throughout his/her enrollment at GWU. New students will receive their box assignments prior to August 1. Upon arriving on campus they may go by the Post Office to receive the combination numbers. In addition to incoming mail being placed in the student's box, it is the main way of distributing communications from others on campus. All outgoing mail must be in the Campus Post Office before 3:45 p.m. each weekday.

Mail should be addressed as follows


(Student's name)
Gardner-Webb University
Campus Box #
Boiling Springs, NC 28017


The Boiling Springs Post Office is located adjacent to the campus within easy walking distance.


All motorized vehicles operated on Gardner-Webb University property must be registered with the University. Police office. Students are required to purchase a registration permit ($75) and display the permit properly at all times. Students may register vehicles during business hours at the University Police Office or Office of Housing & Residence Education (Suttle Hall). Students may also register vehicles during all class registration and orientation. Handicap spaces are clearly marked throughout the campus and are available only to those persons who possess and display a valid N.C. Handicap placard. Violators will be tickets and/or towed at the owner’s expense. All vehicles must be parked in a marked space at all times. The inability to locate a legal or convenient parking space is not a license to park illegally. Overflow parking areas are located in the Spangler/Myers lots and in the paved area south of the Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center.


Parking Between the Hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


  1. Resident and commuter students park in spaces designated by white lines.
  2. Faculty and staff park in spaces designated by red lines.
  3. Vehicles registered to students found parking in faculty and staff are subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  4. No back in parking is permitted.


Parking Between the Hours of 6:00p.m. and 6:00a.m.

  1. Drivers may park in any legally marked space regardless of status.


Phone Service
All residential students are required to pay a non-refundable communications fee billed by the University. The university phone system offers you many services. You receive an on-campus extension, local calling service, and voicemail.  Students will need to contact their RA if they would like their phone activated in their room.


Should a student desire to make long distance calls using wired phones on campus, he/she must use a calling card. The University has partnered with Global One to provide low cost prepaid calling cards to our students. Global One works with many universities across the country providing domestic and international long distance services at great rates. Global One offers a domestic rate of 3.7 cents per minute, extremely attractive international rates and no hidden fees. If a student is interested in purchasing a prepaid calling card from Global One or would like additional information on the program, please visit the following web site: If a student does not wish to use Global One, he/she may purchase a calling card of his/her choosing from another vendor.


Students may contact the Telecommunications Office with any question by e-mail at or by phone at (704) 406- 4646.


Posting of Flyers
If a student would like to post a flyer in a residential facility then they will need to contact the Housing & Residence Education Office Manager.  The staff member will sign the flyer as approval.  Permission for all other postings that are allowed on Dover Campus Center bulletin boards and specified areas in the Café will need to be approved through the Office of Student Activities. The staff will stamp the flyer with the current date and approval logo.  Postings on windows, doors, walls, trees, and painted surfaces are prohibited. There is to be no chalk drawings on sidewalks. The Office of Student Activities, along with other University staff, reserves the right to remove postings in violation of the University policy which may be found in the Clubs and Organizations handbook. Organizations or individuals violating the posting and banners policy may be assessed a fine and/or be required to pay for repair and/or removal costs.


Tips to Save Energy
Gardner-Webb University recently went green as the community is increasingly interested in conserving energy, reducing costs and helping the planet. We appreciate your concern and ask for you assistance in the following ways:


  • Do not leave lights, air conditioners, televisons, stereos, or other electronics on when not in use;
  • Try and take short showers;
  • Carefully monitor your heating and air-conditioning use;
  • Use the recycling bins located in each resident hall.


University Commons Clubhouse
The University Commons Clubhouse is located in the student apartment complex off of Stadium Drive. The facility overlooks the beautiful Lake Hollifield and is multi-media equipped.  You will need to contact the Housing & Residence Education Office Manager to reserve the Clubhouse.


Wireless Network
The wireless network provides Ethernet access to WEBBNET, the Internet, and email. All academic facilities and residence halls, including the University Commons apartments, are equipped to provide wireless access. To take advantage of the wireless network, your computer should have a wireless enabled Ethernet card installed that provides 802.11b/g (11MB) connectivity. Other devices such as PDAs, iPods, and Pocket PCs that are wireless-enabled may also be used to access the network.