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Housing and Residence Education

Living on campus is an important element of the Gardner-Webb University experience. As such, Housing and Residence Education strives to foster an environment that encourages academic success, personal growth and spiritual development. Gardner-Webb University sets high community and academic standards, which challenge students to invest in their education. Challenge and support within a Christian environment encourages students to make educated decisions, be reflective of their experience and mindful of their impact on others. The Housing and Residence Education Department aims to make each residential facility a place where students interact with a variety of people in a comfortable and safe environment. The Housing and Residence Education Department will intentionally encourage students to learn more about whom they are and the life skills that will provide a base for a successful future.



MicroFridge® Mircofridge

Housing & Residence Education endorses the use of Energy Star rated appliances such as MicroFridge. This is a special refrigerator/freezer and microwave oven combination appliance that is available to Gardner-Webb University students through Standards for Living. See their website to learn more about how you may rent or purchase a MicroFridge and have it delivered to your room just prior to your arrival on campus in the fall.





Important Announcement!


Housing and Residence Education is in the process of implementing new software, Adirondack Solutions’ The Housing Director (THD) Housing Management Software Solution, that will assist the University in streamlining its online housing application and room selection processes for new and continuing students. Implementation is in progress with hopes of THD going live in April 2015. Until this time, newly admitted students will continue to submit housing applications for Fall 2015 via use of the current application portal. This application information will be transitioned to THD in the near future.


Please Don’t Snore will no longer be used for roommate matching of new students for Fall 2015. New students will be asked to log into the new housing portal after THD goes live to participate in the new student roommate selection process and new student assignment process.


More Information will be shared as Housing and Residence Education nears the go-live date of THD. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. If you require additional information, please contact Housing and Residence Education at 704-406-4300 or          


If you are intersted in purchasing linens made specifically for residence halls at Gardner-Webb University, please visit the by Residence Hall Linens Program.


Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program Residence Hall Linens Specially-sized sheets, blankets and comforters are necessary in some of the residence halls on the Gardner-Webb University campus. These residence halls have extra-long mattresses, which are more than 76 inches long, so that all students will be as comfortable as possible. That's why Gardner-Webb University has been offering the Residence Hall Linens Program 18 years.


We want to make sure every student has the right XL bedding for move-in. Guaranteed to last until graduation, our wide selection of custom-sized linens is certain to fit every bed on campus. In addition, we also provide a variety of other residence hall room must haves, including extra-long comforters, extra-long mattress pads, extra-long thermal blankets, pillows, storage solutions and anything else you will need.