Counseling Services


The mission of Counseling Services is to assist students to define and accomplish personal, family, academic, and career goals. To accomplish these goals:

  • Individual, group, couple, and family counseling is available to students who may be experiencing psychological, behavioral, or learning difficulties.
  • Programming focused on the developmental needs of college students to maximize their potential for academic and personal development.
  • Consultative services to the various components to help foster and environment supportive of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of the students.
  • Assessment services to identify students and appropriate services and referrals.
  • A variety of counseling, consultative, evaluative, and training functions are performed to support these goals.


Complementary services include developmental functions to help enhance student growth.


Remedial services to assist students with significant problems ranging from serious issues to more severe psychological disorders.


Preventive services to anticipate negative environmental influences and initiate interventions to promote personal adjustment and growth.