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Traditional Undergraduate Program

Online ordering is available for the Undergraduate Day students.  This will allow you to receive your textbooks before you return to school.  It will also provide you with access to more used textbooks.  NOTE: If you choose to order online please consider the following:



  • You must have a credit on your account in order to choose the payment type - Student Account. If you are unsure of the financial status of your account, you may locate this information on MyWebb. If you do NOT have a credit, you will need to purchase your textbooks with a Credit Card.
  • If you use a Credit Card, you may purchase any supplies or merchandise that we have available online.
  • If you need assistance, please contact us at 704-406-4273.


Undergraduate Booklist

The Campus Shop is the official source for all course materials required for classes taught at Gardner-Webb University. It is not uncommon for requirements to change at the last minute. If you purchase your books from the GWU Campus Shop and requirements change, we will work with you to adjust for the changes. If you choose to buy books from another source, understand that the Campus Shop cannot be held responsible for changes in textbook requirements.


Undergraduate Statesville students are eligible to order online.