Christian Life and Service

As a college student, you are entering a whole new phase of life filled with independence and new responsibilities. The staff of the Office of Christian Life and Service looks forward to walking through this process with you and assisting you in your spiritual growth.


We are dedicated to encouraging and challenging the university community through:

  • Pastoral care to students, faculty, administration, and staff,
  • Advising student ministry organizations on campus,
  • Coordinating Dimensions and planning worship services held for the university community,
  • Assisting students in finding a place of worship as they seek a family of faith with which to affiliate,
  • Providing vocational counseling and referrals to students interested in church-related vocations,
  • Facilitating Christian ethical reflection through the Center for Christian Ethics and Leadership.


You will be encouraged to participate in personal discipleship, corporate worship, and life-changing ministry and mission experiences. Please explore the student ministries page as you pray about how to be involved.


You’re also welcome to subscribe to the Monday Mornings Devotional and submit a prayer request.


For students requiring accessibility assistance, the NOEL Program for Students with Disabilities provides support services to deaf, blind, learning disabled, and others students with documented disabilities. NOEL seeks to provide reasonable accommodations in order for students to receive equal access to a higher education while striving to assist students to obtain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become effective self advocates.  NOEL offices are located in Frank Nanney Hall and are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Christian Life and Service

P.O. Box 7328

Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017


Phone (704) 406-4277