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Fostering character. Expanding skills. Advancing futures. 

The Center for Career Development staff believe that a strong partnership with faculty is critical in helping our students become ready for the world of work.

Career Workshops and Career Fairs

Career Development hosts a variety of programming throughout the fall and spring semesters, including four career fairs: The Graduate School Career Fair and Metrolina Consortium Career Fair in the fall as well as the Healthcare Career Fair and Education Career Fair in the Spring.  You may consider integrating one or more of these programs into your syllabus.  We track attendance and report to instructors the students who participate and indicate a need for verification.

Department Specific Needs

Each student group and academic discipline is unique, and we strive to develop a strong relationship with each department.  Let us know how we can help meet the needs of your students, such as speaking to classes, connecting with an employer for a visit or providing skills training. 


Classroom Resources Available


These documents are great additions to class discussions.  Be sure to connect with Career Development regarding classroom presentations or other opportunities where we can assist your students.



The following videos are available to add to a Blackboard course or as part of class.  Career Development is happy to provide Embed Codes or QR codes for easy access for posting.


Professional Readiness Experience

Professional Readiness Experience (PRE)

All Gardner-Webb Traditional Undergraduate students are required to complete satisfactorily at least one Professional Readiness Experience (PRE) in order to graduate, effective with the Fall 2016 Freshman class.

Successful completion of the Professional Readiness Experience will be indicated on the student’s transcript with a grade of Pass or Fail. Students may choose to complete as many Professional Readiness Experiences as they desire. Descriptions of and specific requirements and procedures for each PRE are provided below. To earn credit for a PRE, a student must follow the procedures stipulated for that practice. Project supervisors need to ensure that the individual PRE is properly registered with the Registrar’s Office (i.e. in the Banner record keeping system) in the early stages of the project/experience to ensure proper records are kept of meeting the PRE graduation requirement. The Professional Readiness Experiences are:

  • Internship/ Clinical / Student Teaching
  • Research
  • Study Abroad
  • Service-Learning
  • Leadership

Student Learning Outcomes
There are a wide range of outcomes associated with the Professional Readiness Experiences. Some of those include: developing intellectual and academic competence, gains in academic skills and critical thinking, exploring identity, developing career goals, clarifying values and beliefs, strengthening oral /written communication, building teamwork/collaboration skills, learning leadership, developing multicultural awareness, developing a sense of civic responsibility, and practicing intellectual and practical skills. The PRP Integration Work Group will be responsible for developing specific student learning outcomes for the overall initiative, pending approval of the initiative.

Reporting Procedures
1. Each of the PREs will need to be built into the Banner system as if it is a course, if not already there. Any existing course that is eligible to satisfy the PRE requirement, must be flagged as such in the system. These courses must be added to the schedule each semester by the corresponding department/school/program, following the current procedure.
2. PREs that involve credit hours will require the course to be offered and entered by the department/school/program overseeing the experience. Students pursuing these PREs will need to register for the appropriate credit-bearing course.
3. PREs that are met via experiences that involve credit hours need a grade. The department/school/program would determine grading issues (i.e. they would typically require reporting a letter grade which counts towards GPA and any exceptions would be spelled out by the department/school/program requirements).
4. PREs that are pursued independently of course credit will be built into the Banner system by the assigned department/school/program overseeing the experience. Students must also register for these courses. Successful completion of these experiences will be indicated by Pass / Fail and will add no quality points to GPA.
5. Grades (Pass/Fail or letter grades) will be reported in WebbConnect in the same manner and schedule as other final grades for a given semester.
6. All courses that indicate PRE in the Banner System will roll over to the student transcript upon successful completion. The PRE course will appear on the student’s transcript and will show as met on the student’s degree evaluation once after completion.

The PRP Integration Work Group will be responsible for evaluation of the overall Professional Readiness Experience strategy utilizing the Pedagogical Improvement Record (PIR), pending approval of this initiative.

PRE Descriptions and Requirements

Click on the links below to learn more about the definition, criteria, outcomes and procedures for each of the five PRE options available.

Internship, Clinical or Student Teaching Experiences


Study Abroad

Student Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship



Online Resources


Our online interview preparation resource, InterviewStream is a great option to assist students in practicing oral communication interview skills. Connect with Career Development to create an assignment for your class! Click on the icon below to access InterviewStream.

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Candid Career

For hundreds of short videos related to career preparation or interviews with professionals in a variety of disciplines, Candid Career is a great resource. Click on the icon below to access Candid Career.

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Assessments can be a great addition to discussion in your class.  Click here to access our assessment page.