Session IV A —- 2:45 – 4:00 327 Tucker Student Center

Moderator –

Leigh-Ella Williams, “Wilma Dykeman’s McQueen Family Saga: Finding Nature’s Solace in Industrial Appalachia”

Nicole Crockett, “Losing Home, Fading Connection: Harriette Simpson Arnow and Economic Displacement”

Becky Banks, “Appalshop Documentaries as Media Activism: A Case Study”


Session IV B — 2:45 – 4:00 141 Tucker Student Center

Moderator –

Rich Gray, “Appalachian Convictions About the Civil War in Rebecca Harding Davis’s David Gaunt”

Madison Helman, “’Shot Through the Heart Lying Dead on the Ground’: A Revival and Reexamination of Southern Murder Ballads as Layman’s Literature”

Ary Bottoms, “Tracing the Origins of Religious Serpent Handling in America”

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