Session III A —- 1:15 – 2:30 327 Tucker Student Center

Moderator – Ary Bottoms

Jim Clark, “Southern Mill Life in Poem and Song”

Joyce Compton Brown, “Visions of the Past, Insights into the Future: Down the Great Wagon Road to Union of Scots-Irish and Germanic Cultures in a Foothills Family”

Jimmy Dean Smith, “McAdenville, Cherryville, Lawndale, Kings Mountain, Chester, Gaffney, Lowell, Kannapolis, Spindale; or, I Lost My Cultural Identity at the Appalachian Studies Association”


Session III B —- 1:15 – 2:30 141 Tucker Student Center

Moderator –

Janey Pease, “Women of Appalachia: Poetry and Music–An Expressive Arts Therapy Project”

Clarissa Nemeth, “Blood and Gold: The Tragic Legacy of Appalachian Womanhood in the Fiction of Lee Smith and Amy Greene”

Sarah Clere, “Southern Belles in Trailers: Beyond Scarlett and Melanie”

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