Schedule I

Session I A —–8:15 – 9:30 327 Tucker Student Center

Moderator – Billy Salyers

Frederick Waage, “TVA/Appalachia: Amy Greene’s Long Man and Its Predecessors”

Tasha Stewart, “You Can’t Eat Scenery: Hard Choices or No Choices in Ron Rash’s Environmental Fiction”

Adria Focht, “Common Threads: Kings Mountain’s Textile Heritage from Prehistory to Today” (Adria is director of Kings Mountain Museum. She and her staff are installing an exhibition of textile history in the GWU art gallery in Tucker Student Center, so her presentation has a three dimensional aspect, even though she will be presenting in a conference room. Folks can study the exhibit at their leisure.)


Session I B —–8:15 – 9:30 141 Tucker Student Center

Moderator –

Donald Secreast, “How Furniture Factory Children Viewed Textile Factory Children in the 1960s”

Kathy Ackerman, “The Role of Race in the Attempt to Unionize the Loray Mill, Gastonia, NC, 1929”

Anita Rose, “Intersections of Feminist and Marxist Ideologies in Fielding Burkes’s Call Home the Heart “ (Burke’s book is a fictionalized account of the 1929 Gastonia strike.)

Madden about two seattle high schools that had largely black enrollments, and whether their students were benefiting from the district’s racial-diversity policy