The AWA offers annual recognition of as many as four genres, including fiction, poetry, non-fiction (includes extensive editorships), and children’s literature.  Awards are offered only in those areas with reasonable numbers of nominees.  Works published at the author’s, expense are not eligible for consideration.

When membership entries are sufficient, the AWA offers internal awards, including:

The Hariette Arnow Award for Short Story

The Wilma Dykeman Award for Essay

The James Still Award for Poetry

The Josefina Niggli Award for Playwriting

The Tom Jackson Award for Young Writers (including college undergraduates)


We are honored to serve as a reminder of our strong literary tradition with these long-standing awards, which have increased with recognition of diversity within the region. Recognition of our pioneers, James Still, Wilma Dykeman, and Harriet Arnow, has been important since our inception in 1983. Awards are dependent upon a sufficient number of entries within the membership.    Awards are for unpublished individual works.  Expect more information, including deadlines, after October.


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