2012 Nominees


Poetry Nominees 2012 (for work published in 2011)

Chandler, Sherry.  Weaving a New Eden.  Nicholasville:  Wind Publishers, 2011.

Eklund, George.  Each Breath I Cannot Hold.  Nicholasville:  Wind Publishers, 2011.

Graves, Jesse.  Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine.   Huntsville: Texas Review Press, 2012

Hansel, Pauletta.  The Lives We Live in Houses.  Nicholasville:  Wind Publishers, 2011.

Lefler, Susan.  Rendering the Bones.  Nicholasville: Wind Publishers, 2011

Marion, Linda Parsons.  Bound.  Nicholasville:  Wind Publishers, 2011.

Rash, Ron.  Waking.  Spartanburg:  Hub City Press, 2011.

George Scarbrough.  Under the Lemon Tree:  Poems.  Ed. Robert B. Cumming and Rebecca P. Mobbs.  Oak Ridge, Tennessee:  Iris Press, 2011.


Fiction Nominees 2012 (for work published in 2011)

White, Charles Dodd.  Sinners of Sanction County.  Huron:  Bottom Dog Press, 2011.

Still, James.  Chinaberry.  Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2011.

Hague, Richard.  Learning How:  Stories, Yarns & Tales.  Huron:  Bottom Dog Press, 2011

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