Library Instruction Request Forms

On-Campus Library Instruction Request

Off-Campus Library Instruction Request


Information about Library Instruction

Use these forms if you would like to request bibliographic instruction, which is a class session taught by a librarian on using all types of library resources. Each instruction session is tailored to the particular research needs of each class.


Mary Roby schedules all library instruction that takes place on-campus in the Belk-Ellis lab. Natalie Edwards Bishop schedules all library instruction that takes place at any of Gardner-Webb's off-campus locations.


Please make your request at least two weeks in advance. In order to instruct your class effectively, we will need information detailing the specific project or assignment.


We will ask questions such as:


What types of subjects will the students research?

What types of resources should be their major focus?

Do they need tips on citing their sources correctly or understanding plagiarism?

Are most of the students in your class first year students or upperclassmen?

How many students are in your class?

Do you want the librarian to teach the entire class time or just a portion of it?