Study Abroad Opportunities 

The Gardner-Webb University curriculum provides students with a global understanding of the world so that they may gain the international understanding necessary to be informed citizens. The University also encourages students to explore the appropriateness of study abroad. This can be an integral part of the students’ university experience, providing personal growth, cultural understanding, an international perspective, improved foreign language skills, and a competitive edge in the eventual job search.

Semester exchanges are currently possible at universities in England, Wales, Malta, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Students who wish to study in countries other than those mentioned may do so either with another university or independently. GWU-sponsored summer study opportunities are available in Canada (French) and Costa Rica (Spanish).

Students can also participate in mission experiences abroad. Honors students may attend special honors programs that take place in a foreign country. Students in the Broyhill School of Management GEM program will also participate in specially designed international experiences. Through the Office of International Programs students may arrange to study at foreign universities other than those with which GWU has an exchange agreement.

During the academic year, GWU sponsors short trips to various overseas destinations. With prior arrangement, credits may be earned for study/travel abroad. Some financial assistance for international study/travel is available to students who meet the necessary eligibility requirements.