GWU Police Car

Campus Watch

Campus Watch is a community orientated policing program. The purpose of this program is to educate the students of Gardner-Webb University of safety precautions, safety awareness, and crime prevention, to help promote an open line of communication between University Police and the students and to ensure the students that Gardner-Webb University is dedicated to make the campus and it's surroundings as safe as possible.

University Police host numerous Campus Watch meetings and Safety Seminars throughout the year. Topics include: Property Identification, Safety in Outdoor Exercising, Personal Safety, Travel Safety, and Self Defense. Students are encouraged to attends Campus Watch meetings and seminars.

Campus Watch Hotline

704-406-DOGS (3647)

The Campus Watch Hotline was established for students to be able to give University Police tips on criminal activity. All information given on this line will kept confidential and the person giving the information will remain anonymous. In some cases, persons giving information may be eligible for reward money.