An updated insurance brochure for 2015-2016 is now available. 


Available to full-time undergraduate students only


The University requires accident insurance coverage for each full-time student at his/her expense. The coverage will protect the student 24 hours a day and is in effect for August 1, 2015 - June 1, 2016. A brochure explaining benefits and exclusions can be downloaded below. A supplemental policy is made available for students needing additional insurance coverage. For more information concerning this plan, please click on the link below.


Students that have other coverage may complete an Insurance Waiver Form when reviewing your online bill, at the beginning of your first semester, each academic year. Without a waiver form on file each year in Student Accounts, students will automatically be charged for and covered under the GWU policy. In addition to the accident coverage, limited illness coverage is also provided in the program. The program is subject to change.



All full-time students are included in this insurance plan and the premium for coverage is added to the tuition billing unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. The plan covers Expenses incurred for Injury or Sickness as provided by the Master Policy. The following is a summary of the benefits.


The Company maintains the right to investigate student status and attendance records to verify that Policy eligibility requirements have been met. If the Company discovers that Policy eligibility requirements have not been met, the Companyʼs only obligation is refund of premium.



Premium refunds are only permitted if we discover the student has not met eligibility requirements or when the student enters full-time active military service in which case a pro-rata refund will be made upon request.



The coverage for the School Term becomes effective at 12:01 am on August 1, 2015, or the date of enrollment, whichever is later, and expires at 12:01 am on June 1, 2016. For Spring Term enrollees the effective date is January 1, 2016 to June 1, 2016. Coverage remains in effect during holiday and vacation periods. Should You graduate or withdraw from the institution, the insurance shall remain in effect until the end of the period for which premium has been paid.



If you have proof of comparable insurance and wish to waive coverage, the deadline to waive out of this plan is August 25, 2015, or during actual registration. All waiver forms must be returned to Student Accounts (Dover Campus Center). For students beginning their studies in the Spring, the deadline is January 12, 2016.



Annual Enrollment (8/1/15 - 6/1/16) . . . . . . . . . . $280
Spring Term Enrollment (1/1/16 - 6/1/16) . . . . . .  $187



Accident means a sudden, unforeseeable, external event which results in an Injury.

Covered Charge means the Reasonable and Customary Charge incurred for a service or supply which is performed or given under the direction of a Doctor for the Medically Necessary treatment of a Sickness or Injury. A Covered Charge is considered incurred on the date the treatment or service is rendered or the supply is furnished.


Doctor means a duly licensed doctor, optometrist, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, psychologist, pharmacist, or doctorʼs assistant, a duly certified clinical social worker, substance abuse professional or fee-based practicing pastoral counselor, and an advanced practice registered nurse practicing within the scope of his or her license and is not a family member.


Hospital means means an institution licensed, accredited or certified by the State which (a) is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; (b) provides 24-hour nursing service by licensed registered nurses (R.N.); (c) mainly provides diagnostic and therapeutic care under the supervision of Doctors while Hospital confined; and (d) maintains permanent surgical facilities or has an arrangement with another surgical facility supervised by a staff of one or more Doctors. Hospital also includes tax-supported institutions, which are not required to maintain surgical facilities. Hospital does not include a place, special ward, floor or other accommodation used for: custodial or educational care; rest; the aged; a nursing home; or an institution mainly rendering treatment or services for mental or nervous disorders or substance abuse.


Injury means bodily injury due to an Accident which results solely, directly and independently of disease, bodily infirmity or other causes. All injuries sustained in any one Accident, including all related conditions and recurrent symptoms of these injuries, are considered a single Injury. Insured means an eligible student.


Insured means an eligible student.


Medically Necessary means medical services, supplies or treatment authorized by a Doctor to treat an Insuredʼs bodily Injury or Sickness which are (a) consistent with the symptoms or diagnosis; (b) appropriate and accepted according to good medical practice standards; (c) not primarily for the convenience of the Insured, Doctor or other providers; and (d) consistent with the most appropriate supply or level of services which can safely be provided to the patient.


Pre-existing Condition means a Sickness or Injury for which medical care, treatment, diagnosis or advice was received or recommended within the 12 months prior to the Covered Personʼs effective date of coverage under the Policy or a pregnancy existing on the Insuredʼs effective date of coverage under the Policy.


Reasonable and Customary Expense means a Covered Charge which (a) is charged for treatment, supplies or medical services Medically Necessary to treat the Insuredʼs condition; and (b) does not exceed the usual level of charges made for similar treatment, supplies or medical services in the locality where the Covered Charge is incurred.


Sickness means illness, disease, and complications of pregnancy. All related conditions and recurrent symptoms of the same or a similar condition will be considered the same Sickness.

We, Us or Our means Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company.


You, Your or Yours means the Insured.



Extension of Benefits means the coverage provided under this Policy ceases on the expiration date. However, if on the expiration date the Insured is under a Doctorʼs care for a condition covered by this Policy, benefits will be extended for the condition for up to nine (9) months after the expiration date. This Extension of Benefits only applies to the Insureds who are not eligible to continue coverage under the new or renewal Policy issued to the Policyholder. The total payments made in respect of the Insured for such condition both before and after the Termination Date will never exceed the Maximum Benefit. After this “Extension of Benefits” provision has been exhausted, all benefits cease to exist, and under no circumstances will further payments be made.


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