Policies and Procedures

General Policies

  • Telecommunications is the custodian of the campus inside and outside telecommunications systems and facilities.

  • Telecommunications is the campus service department responsible for the procurement and maintenance of telecommunications services.

  • All service and move, add or change requests must go through the Telecommunications Department to ensure successful and timely completion. You can do this by submitting a Telecom Request Form.

  • All move, add or change (MAC) requests must be submitted by Department VP or Associate Provost and must include account number to which affiliated costs will be charged. The Telecom Request Form can then be returned to the Telecommunications office via email telecommunications@gardner-webb.edu, fax (704) 406-4337 or campus mail (box 7316). Please note: The Telecommunications Office will not open a MAC ticket without proper authorization by the Departmental VP or Associate Provost and account number for the work to be performed. All MAC requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance as often the services of an outside vendor must be utilized in order to complete the change.

  • All telephone requests made in conjunction with an office move need to be submitted to Telecommunications using an Office Move Form not a Telecom Request Form.

  • Any GWU University employee or student can report trouble and service issues by contacting Building Manager or RA who can then submit a service request using Maintenance Connection, our online work order system.

  • To assure individuals' rights to privacy, Telecommunications protects telephone call records from routine disclosure except when needed by:

    • Departments to review monthly bills and charges for validity.

    • The Gardner-Webb University Police Department for investigative purposes.

  • Tracing or trapping of calls may be performed in the case of threats to life or property. Such traces or traps must be authorized by the Gardner-Webb University Police Chief.


Use of Telephones on the Campus Phone System

Except for residence hall telephones, telephones used on the campus system must be obtained from the Telecommunications Department. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Telecommunications Department. Students are required to provide their own telephones in apartments and residence halls. All telephones used on the system, including those in residence halls, must be FCC approved. The Telecommunications Department will only service equipment that they supply.


Personal Use of the Telecommunications Facilities

  • Faculty and Staff

    • University telephones and Long Distance PINS are provided to conduct University business. Local personal calls by employees using University telephones may be permitted subject to approval by the employee's department. Employees who wish to make personal long distance calls are required to obtain a calling card from the company other their choice.

  • Students

    • Students are welcome to use campus phones and common area phones are provided. Long Distance calls by students are prohibited.

Financial Responsibility

  • Equipment Repair Financial responsibility for all telecommunications equipment and related services belongs to the requesting university department.

  • Equipment Replacement or purchase Replacement of purchase of any telecommunications equipment resulting from damage, loss, or theft is the responsibility of the department.


Request Service

If you are having trouble with your telephone, please test you telephone on another telephone jack. If your equipment works correctly, please see your Building Manager or RA to submit an online service request using Maintenance Connection. If the problem is in your privately owned equipment, you will need to arrange for repair by the seller or another repair service. GWU Telecommunications does not repair or service privately owned telephone equipment.

Staff and faculty: If your telephone equipment is damaged and in need of replacement, please submit a Telecom Request Form.

This request form must be completed in full and submitted by your Department VP or Associate Provost. Telecommunications will not open a work order if the form does not include proper approval or account number. In emergency situations, requests may be made by telephone to the Telecommunications Office at (704) 406-4646.



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