Graduate School of Business

Sources of Federal and State Aid

Many companies and foundations offer assistance to students based on a variety of qualifications in the payment of tuition and fees. Students should inquire in their central offices as to the availability of such funds. Students should also investigate policies of their employers as well as check with local civic organizations to determine availablity of such funds. Federal Stafford loans are also available to graduate students who complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), as well as assistantship awards on a limited basis. A deferred payment plan is also available for a nominal additional charge.



Awards are available for the academic year and the summer semesters to students who assist professors in research, teaching, and related academic responsibilities. Students must carry a full-time academic load. Graduate Assistantship Application


Deferred Payment Plan

Initial payment is one-third of the amount due when registering, including a small deferred payment charge, with the remaining balance in two equal payments.