Your major in history at Gardner-Webb will help you develop important skills in research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective writing.

Department of Social Sciences


Your major or minor in History will help you develop important skills in research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective writing. You’ll also develop a greater knowledge of the world in which we live, past and present, informing your understanding of the future.


The history major offers courses in American and European history that cover broad periods of time and interests.  Courses include Making America: Colonization, Revolution, and the US Constitution; the New South; the Long Civil Rights Movement; Civil War and Reconstruction; Medieval Europe; the History of England to 1688; the Second World War; and Modern Germany Since 1789.   


A degree in History offers you excellent preparation for pursuing many careers including law, education, journalism, social work, and more.


Gardner-Webb's Department of Social Sciences works to help students develop the intellectual skills to explore meaningful questions about politics, society and the human past, in an environment of comprehensive curiosity based on Christian values. We strive to educate students within a deeper understanding of the world we live in, both past and present, offering tools to effect positive change.


Study Abroad

Opportunities for study abroad will allow you to expand your learning outside of the classroom and across the globe. Previous study abroad opportunities have included Strasbourg and Berlin.


Model Arab League

As a member of Model Arab League, you’ll get to develop your critical thinking, public speaking, and debate skills in competitions against other schools.


Pre-Law/ Public Service Organization

The Department of Social Sciences is home to the pre-law/public service group which provides support for students who wish to pursue legal and public vocations. Local professionals connect with students and answer their questions.


College Democrats

The GWU College Democrats is a student-led organization promoting political involvement around progressive causes.


College Republicans

The GWU College Republicans organization promotes Republican values and helps students develop strong leadership abilities.



We will work with you individually to help you find an internship in your own unique interests in order to expand your learning in a professional setting. Previous internship opportunities have included the Gaston History Museum, the Catawba County History Museum, the academic and internship program at The Washington Center in Washington, DC, the offices of congressional and state representatives, and international non-government organizations in the Carolinas, Chicago, and Washington, DC.



With a degree in history, you’ll gain flexible skills in writing, research, and more giving you diverse career options in business, communications, education, research, writing, government, politics, and the ability to work at museums, libraries, and public archives.



Our history alumni include teachers, a principal, attorneys, at least one university professor, graduate students, a U.S. Air Force pilot, a U.S. Navy JAG attorney, and a state park ranger, among other professions.


Dr. Tim Vanderburg, Department Chair

Phone: (704) 406-4469