Interview and Selection

Applicants who have met admittance criteria are evaluated and ranked based on academic strength, science aptitude, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) results, letters of recommendation, health care experience, physician assistant shadowing time, and potential for mission match. For specific details on these requirements, go to the ‘application requirements’ page. For selected candidates, multiple mini-interviews will begin in June and seats will be offered using a rolling admission process through the end of October.


The Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Student Interview

Applicants invited to interview will undergo a multiple mini-interview (MMI). The MMI uses a series of short, carefully timed interview stations in an attempt to evaluate personal characteristics (non-cognitive attributes) important for success in the Physician Assistant profession. These include accountability, altruism, appearance, boundary recognition, compassion, flexibility, giving directions, honesty, humility, problem solving, reliability, respectfulness, responsibility, self-awareness, sensitivity, tactfulness, teamwork, tolerance, and work ethic.


The student selection process will consist of five MMI stations and one written station. The five evaluated stations allow two minutes to read about the given setting, seven minutes to respond, and one minute to exit and move to the next station. Each station will have one evaluator. Fifteen minutes will be provided at the written station where candidates will be evaluated on argument, writing style, and grammar use.


Candidate Selection

  • Candidate scores from their pre-screen matrix and the interview process (MMI stations and essay) will be combined on a ‘Post Interview Matrix’ and ranked in order of score by the Program Coordinator.
  • Evaluator comments will be added to the ‘Post Screen Matrix’ and considered in the selection process.
  • All Post Screen Matrix results will be provided to the GWU PA admissions committee, consisting of the Program Director, Medical Director, and Principal Faculty, for discussion and candidates will be placed in one of three categories:
    • Admit now.  These candidates will receive a formal offer for a seat in the GWU PA Program within one week of completing the interview.
    • Alternate list.  These candidates will be formally notified – by email – within one week upon completion of the interview. Following all interviews for a given cycle, any remaining seats will be offered to alternate list candidates.
    • Declined.  These individuals will be notified within two weeks of the interview process.
  • If there are more candidates in the ‘admit now’ category than there are seats in the class, the selection committee will discuss and decide who is selected and who is placed at the top of the alternate list. 
  • Letters of acceptance may have conditions to matriculate.  In this situation, the offer and conditions of acceptance will be detailed in the letter.  An example would be acceptance of a student who must complete two of the required prerequisite prior to matriculating into the program. In this case, their acceptance would be pending successful completion of the prerequisite course.
  • At this point, the candidate list will be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School who will review the results and send out the appropriate letter.