The Art Education program at GWU will help you reach your dream of becoming an art teacher who inspires creativity.

Violin, Paint Brush, Video Camera

Art Education

Successful completion of the basic course and licensure requirements, all major requirements, and the Professional Education Minor, including the professional semester, will qualify candidates for art education licensure in North Carolina and many other states.


Course Requirements

The Basic Course requirements must be satisfied.


Classes required for completing the major:

ARTS 120: Art History I (3 hrs.)

ARTS 125: Art History II (3 hrs.)

ARTS 410: Senior Seminar I (2 hrs.)

ARTS 413: Senior Seminar II (1 hr.)

ARTS 424: Senior Exhibition I (1 hr.)

ARTS 426: Senior Exhibitions II (1 hr.)

One of the following:

            ARTS 140: 19th Century Art History (3 hrs.)

            ARTS 145: 20th Century Art History (3 hrs.)

            ARTS 305: Christianity and Art (3 hrs.)

            ARTS 416: Topics in Art History (3 hrs.)

Foundation Class Required:

ARTS 200: Two Dimensional Design (3 hrs.)

ARTS 210: Drawing I (3 hrs.)

ARTS 220: Three Dimensional Design-Design II (3 hrs.)

ARTS 250: Ceramics I (3 hrs.)

ARTS 260: Painting I (3 hrs.)

ARTS 280: Serigraphy I, or 382: Relief Print I, or 370: Intro to Intaglio (3 hrs.)

ARTS 290: Sculpture I (3 hrs.)

Plus 12 elective hours at or above the 300 level. Nine of these hours must be taken from one studio sequence.


Professional Education minor (30 hours)

EDUC 250: Teaching in the 21st Century Schools (4 hrs.)

EDUC 316: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3 hrs.)

EDUC 350: Diverse Populations in 21st Century Schools (4 hrs.)

PSYC 303: Educational Psychology (3 hrs.)

ARTS 415: Art Methods (4 hrs.)

EDUC 450: Student Teaching (12 hrs.)


Total: 77 semester hours




Sheila Bronner, Secretary 

Phone: (704) 406-4656


Doug Knotts, Chair

Phone: (704) 406-3812