This degree is designed to offer ministry students the opportunity to gain additional skills and expertise in areas that will enhance the students' ministry by providing a common frame of reference to connect with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in English

The M.Div./M.A. in English program is housed in the School of Divinity and requires completion of the 60 hour course, 6 hours biblical studies electives, 6 hours historical/theological electives, 3 hours practical ministry electives of the M.Div. degree and the 30 hour M.A. in English degree. This degree is designed to offer ministry students the opportunity to gain additional skills and expertise in areas that will enhance the students' ministry. Students will register for these courses through the Divinity School and will be awarded the dual degrees upon completion of the requirements for both degrees.



The M.Div./M.A. degree is designed to enhance divinity students’ literary skills by permitting them to earn a second degree, the M.A., instead of the usual M.Div. concentration. This degree provides students with a broad and rich literary context from which to do ministry and provides them with a common frame of reference with which to connect with persons of diverse culture and background. Moreover, it provides students with enhanced critical and analytical skills with which to reflect on life and the world while providing them with additional literary models with which to understand and interpret the Scriptures.


The degree has two potential student populations in view:

(1) the minister who desires greater background in the literary arts as a context for ministry, and

(2) the minister who serves in a small church situation and finds it necessary to supplement church-derived income through secular employment.

In the latter case an advanced degree in a non-ministerial discipline will be of significant value.


M. Div Course Requirements

M. Div. Core:

A. Biblical Studies (18 hrs.)

DSOT 100: Old Testament I (3 hrs.)

DSOT 101: Old Testament II (3 hrs.)

DSNT 100: New Testament I (3 hrs.)

DSNT 101 New Testament II (3 hrs.)

DSGK 100: Greek I (3 hrs.)

DSHB 100: Hebrew I (3 hrs.)


B. Historical/Theological (12 hrs.)

DSHS 100: Christian History I (3 hrs.)

DSHS 101: Christian History II (3 hrs.)

DSTH 100: Christian Theology I (3 hrs.)

DSTH 101: Christian Theology II (3 hrs.)


C. Spiritual Formation (12 hrs.)

DSSF 100: Introduction to Theological Education for Ministry (3 hrs.)

DSSF 200: Spiritual Formation: The Christian Journey (3 hrs.)

DSSF 300: The Theory and Practice of Ministry (3 hrs.)

DSSF 301: Capstone Seminar (3 hrs.)

Chapel/Formations/Mentor Conferences


D. Ministry (18 hrs.)

DSCE 115: Administration and Leadership in the Church (3 hrs.)

DSPC 100: Pastoral Care and Counseling (3 hrs.)

DSMS 310: Missions and Evangelization (3 hrs.)

DSET 100: Christian Ethics (3 hrs.)

DSMN 201: Introduction to Preaching (3 hrs.)

DSMN 202: Introduction to Worship (3 hrs.)

Total: 60 semester hours



MA English Course Requirements (30 hours total)



The online MA English program will offer three concentrations that reflect the diversity of the discipline and the evolving nature of English studies. With concentrations in literature studies, English education, and writing studies, this degree is for students who want professional advancement in areas such as writing, publishing, and teaching at the secondary or college levels. While these concentrations represent different disciplines within the field, the overall program goal is for students to develop a scholarly and professional identity. These goals reflect the growing professional demand for strong skills in communication, analysis, critical thinking, and collaboration. 


The online Master of Arts in English curriculum offers four core courses (9 hrs.) and seven to eight courses in the concentration (15 hrs. content + 6 hrs. thesis). The core courses build community and foster collaboration among peers as well as provide a foundation for courses within each concentration. The timeline for completion is six semesters (typically two calendar years).


Core Requirements for all Concentrations (9 hours) 

ENGL 501 Introduction to English Studies (2 hrs.)

ENGL 502 Seminar in English Studies (1 hr.)

ENED 683 Teaching of Writing (3 hrs.)

ENGL 671 Literary Criticism (3 hrs.)


Literature Concentration (15 hrs. content* + 6 hrs. for thesis)

*At least one pre-1800 literature course and one post-1800 literature course should be taken (see specific titles below).

1 American Literature (3 hrs.)

1 British Literature (3 hrs.)

1 World Literature (3 hrs.)

2 Electives (6 hrs.)


Final 6 hours: Thesis

ENGL 690 (3 hrs.)

ENGL 691 (3 hrs.)


English Education Concentration (15 hrs. content + 6 hrs. capstone) 

ENGL 681 Seminar in Current Issues and Methods of Teaching English (3 hrs.) 

ENGL 675 Young Adult Literature (3 hrs.)

3 Electives (9 hrs.)


Final 6 hours: Capstone

ENED 690 English Teacher as Researcher: Proposal (3 hrs.) 

ENED 691 English Teacher as Researcher: Data Collection (1 hrs.)

ENED 692 English Teacher as Researcher: Analysis (2 hrs.)


Writing Concentration: (15 hrs. content + 6 hrs. capstone)

ENGL 673 Contemporary Trends in Literature (3 hrs.) 

ENGL 629 New Media Studies (3 hrs.)

3 Writing Electives (9 hrs.)


Final 6 hours: Capstone/Thesis

ENGL 692 (3 hrs.)

ENGL 693 (3 hrs.)


Course Titles*

*Course titles are organized by concentration, though students have the opportunity to take approved electives across concentrations.

Dual Degree Total: 105 hrs.




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