English as a Second Language with Teacher Licensure

Your major in English as a Second Language Teacher Education will give you the training you need to effectively educate K-12 students in English as a second language.


Through comprehensive coursework in English and teacher education, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to help students excel. You’ll develop and refine your knowledge of the English language. You’ll also develop proficiency in a foreign language. You’ll learn best practices for planning and implementing classroom instruction, along with appropriate teaching methods for different ages and backgrounds.


To gain teacher licensure, you’ll be required to pursue a minor in Professional Education. Students can only complete the English as a Second Language program after they’ve been formally admitted to the teacher education program.


At Gardner-Webb you’ll get plenty of field experience with opportunities to practice teaching ESL in real classrooms so when you graduate you’ll be fully equipped to meet any challenges ahead.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Advanced proficiency in English;
  2. Intermediate proficiency in another language (OPI scale);
  3. An understanding of all aspects of the English language well enough to be able to explain and model the component skills for students;
  4. The ability to plan, implement, and evaluate instruction in educationally sound ways; and
  5. The ability to select and use the appropriate methodologies and materials for students of different ages, interests, and backgrounds.


Course Requirements

Classes required for the 36-hour major in English as a Second Language with preparation for K-12 teacher licensure are:

ESOL 332: ESL Methods/Practicum K-6 (2 hrs.)

ESOL 335: ESL Methods/Practicum 6-9 (2 hrs.)

ESOL 338: ESL Methods/Practicum 9-12 (2 hrs.)

ESOL 400: ESL Seminar (3 hrs.)

ENGL 363: Structure of the English Language (3 hrs.)

ENGL 364: Language and Literacy Through the Twenty-First Century (3 hrs.)

ENGL 483: The Teaching of Writing (3 hrs.) or EDUC 316: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3 hrs.)

SOCI 400: Minority Groups (3 hrs.)

EDUC 302: Literacy Foundations (3 hrs.)

EDUC 305:

EDUC 312: Practicum in Literacy (K-6) (3 hrs.)

Additional requirements include either FREN 202 or SPAN 202 and one 300-level course in either French or Spanish. This requirement will be waived by the department if the student demonstrates the required proficiency level in the selected language.


You will also complete the Professional Education minor consisting of:

PSYC 303: Educational Psychology (3 hrs.)

EDUC 250: Teaching in the 21st Century Schools (4 hrs.)

EDUC 350: Diverse Populations in 21st Century Schools (4 hrs.)

EDUC 450: Student Teaching (12 hrs.)


Note: Students are not permitted to complete more than 50 percent of the Professional Education minor (excluding student teaching) until they are formally admitted into the Teacher Education program.


Student NC Association of Educators

This student organization helps you develop your professional abilities and provides you with important networking and leadership opportunities.



You will do field training at local public schools gaining experience in a variety of classroom environments.



Our teacher education graduates enjoy a high rate of placement at schools throughout North Carolina. With your language and interpersonal skills, you could also find employment interpreting or translating in a diverse range of educational and public settings.


Dr. Tamara Cox

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