The curriculum consists of three semesters of coursework and field experiences (46 Hours), with a fourth semester consisting of a student teaching experience (12 hours). There is a specific curriculum rotation each fall, spring, and summer semester. The online Degree Completion program also operates in a cohort model.  The rotation for the online program may vary slightly from the rotation of the face to face program.


Courses are scheduled as flexibly as possible to accommodate candidates’ work schedules.

All candidates must understand that during the student teaching semester they may not have other jobs—student teaching is their full-time responsibility.

Online Elementary Education (K-6) Course Requirements Gardner-Webb University Degree Completion Program

Fall (Semester I) - 13 Semester Hours
EDUC 250(4) Teaching in 21st Century Schools
EDUC 302(3) Literacy Foundations
MATH 204(3) Math Content for Elementary Educators
PED 300(3) Healthful Living for Elementary Educators
Spring (Semester II) - 14 Semester Hours
EDU 410(3) Introduction to Integration & Assessment
EDU 306(4) Literacy & Language Arts
SST 307(3) Social Studies Methods
EDU 350(4) Diverse Populations in 21st Century Schools
MTH 205(3) Math Content for Elementary Educators II
Summer I & Summer II - 6 Semester Hours
8 week session
EDU 311(3) Fine Arts Integration
PSY 303(3) Educational Psychology
Fall (Semester III) - 13 Semester Hours
MED 330(3) Math Methods
SED 330(3) Science Methods
EDU 435(3) Facilitating Learning in 21st Century Schools
EDU 312(3) Practicum in Literacy
Spring (Semester IV) - 12 Semester Hours
EDUC 450(12) Student Teaching

* Spring start course rotation will vary